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Here are five helpful tips to aid you in the game Valorant, which combines the gameplay elements of MOBAs and first-person shooters.

Playing in Valorant can be challenging and frustrating, especially when you’re competing against more seasoned opponents. Even though the game is still only in closed beta, devoted players have already donned their grinding gear.

Because Valorant combines MOBA and FPS elements, players who are unfamiliar with either of the two genres may find it challenging. It’s essential to comprehend the intricacies of Valorant and how to get better at the game. Here are five great tips that players of all skill levels can use to enhance their game.

1. Use both a knife and a gun for greater mobility.

A player walking with their knife out to quicken their movement

One of the most common characteristics of any CS: GO player is their ability to switch between the knife and the gun. This is a very useful skill that has a significant impact on the game and is not a show-off stunt. Running while using the knife quickens rotations and increases movement speed.

Additionally, it makes it easier to leave a fight and regroup as necessary. But, switching should only be carried out when necessary, because frequent switching could result in needless loss of life.

2. Shields should be purchased or renewed.

A close up screenshot of the shields

In Valorant, there are two different kinds of shields: light shields and heavy shields. Depending on the shields you buy, these shields add more health to your health bar. While heavy shields add an extra 50 health, light shields only add an extra 25 health.

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It is a must-have in every round because only a select few weapons can dispatch an agent wearing thick shields in one shot. Remember that players must buy new light or heavy shields to replace ones that have been damaged.

3. Bombs can be partially defused.

defusing the bomb partially in valorant

Bombs in Valorant can be partially defused, unlike in CS:GO. The majority of players either fail to make use of this feature at all or do so improperly. Players can defuse a bomb in sections rather than all at once, which would save 7.5 seconds.

The use of fake defusing is a very efficient method for luring out enemies who are hiding. To defuse the bomb partially, players must advance at least halfway (3.75 seconds).

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4. Use crouching or shift walking.

An example of cross-fire with a crouched player

In Valorant, player footsteps are audible and very audible. Players can change to a crouching walk to reduce the sound of their footsteps. Instead of charging in and dying right away, it is much preferable to shift your position and walk or crouch without giving away your position.

Although neither of the techniques must be used, it is advised to do so when approaching tight turns or checkpoints. Crouch walking and shift walking are both simple movements to master.

5. Maintain Good Budget Management.

A screenshot of the valorant buy menu

Before the beginning of each round in a Valorant game, players receive a varying number of credits. If necessary, this budget can be used to buy weapons, shields, or equipment.

In Valorant, timing is everything. You need to know when to save credit and when to make a big buy. It is impractical to buy the most expensive weapons every round, and doing so will disappoint players.

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As you cannot be the only member of your team carrying a powerful weapon while the rest of your teammates are rocking a pistol, team coordination is also crucial.

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