Valorant 5 Expert Pieces of Advice

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The game Valorant combines the gameplay elements of MOBAs and first-person shooters, and here are five useful tips to help you out.

It can be difficult and frustrating to win in Valorant, especially when you’re up against more seasoned competitors. Valorant fans have already put on their grinding pants, despite the fact that the game is currently only available in closed beta.

Players who are not familiar with either of the two genres may have trouble with Valorant because it combines MOBA and FPS elements. Understanding Valorant’s nuances and how to get better at the game is crucial. Here are five excellent suggestions that both new and seasoned players are using to improve their play.

1. Adapt the position of your crosshair

A vandal holding a close angle on the map bind

Many players have complained about the positioning and placement of the crosshairs ever since the game’s launch. Players with an FPS background who have before played CS:GO have a tendency to point their crosshair downward.

Placing the crosshair toward the ground is not advised in Valorant because players can jump high and at times appear to be flying, unlike in other FPS games where players can’t jump very to a high height.

It will take extra time to move from head level to ground level, and the enemy might take advantage of this by killing you before you kill the enemy. Players will get more clean headshots if they keep the crosshair close to head level.

Players are advised to experiment with various crosshair placements and then stick with what feels most comfortable to them.

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2. Discover various firearms’ recoil patterns.

A jett holding a sheriff in valorant watching heaven on A site haven

The Valorant has a wide selection of weapons, each of which adds something special. Every gun has a fixed recoil pattern, and understanding it will help you win more games. Recoil patterns can be very helpful to learn, and once mastered, will turn players into killing machines.

Launch practice mode and experiment with various weapons. Players will enjoy this recoil as well as gain a solid understanding of various weapon damage types thanks to it.

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3. Learn about different maps

An omen about to backstab a cypher on bind mid

A player’s performance in Valorant will be enhanced by their understanding of the various maps. The three maps in the game are Haven, Bind, and Split, and each of them has unique characteristics.

It’s essential to comprehend each map if you want to improve your general skill and grow into a complete player. At some point, you’ll be able to understand each one and contribute to any team.

4. Maximize your abilities

A sage watching her teammate explode while holding a marshal in valorant

Players have trouble using their abilities. It’s crucial to use your skills and utilities when they’re needed and avoid spamming them. Because Valorant is a tactical-shooter, both the shooting and the ability portions of the game are crucial.

Players tend to default to shooting rather than combining it with their abilities the majority of the time.

Players who use their skills will be more successful than those who only rely on their shooting prowess.

5. Keep track of enemy ultimates

A jett using her ultimate on haven C site

It’s crucial to keep track of your opponents’ skills and ultimates, especially as you advance up the ladder. The key to winning the game is to play around these ultimates and adjust your playstyle.

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Agents with strong ultimates, like Raze and Brimstone, have the potential to change the course of the game if not handled properly. Players can get a general sense of when to play defense and when to take the initiative by keeping track of ultimates.

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