V Rising beginner’s guide: 5 pointers and tricks

Before its release, V Rising received little attention, yet it swiftly rose to the top of the PC game charts. The survival genre, action RPGs, and a gothic vampire story have been combined to create a complex and addictive game that will eat up countless hours of your time. You almost immediately find yourself released into a world that wishes to see you dead. You have a lot of options for defense, but you may find it difficult to keep track of all them along with the and advancement systems.

Keeping track of your vampire’s stats, skills, equipment, and other RPG components can be challenging as well. You also have to build, upgrade, and advance research inside your own castle to unlock new tools.

That doesn’t even cover the multiplayer features you can use. Contrary to what you may believe, V Rising demonstrates that conquering the realm of Vardoran won’t be simple. Here are the key pointers and tips you need to begin playing V Rising if you want to be the night’s top predator.

1. Choose your game mode

Choose one of the four game options that V Rising offers before you emerge from your coffin as a vampire. These don’t alter the fundamental nature of the game, but based on which one you select, your gaming experience will be different. PvE, PvP, Full Loot PvP, and Duo PvP are the available options. Each one functions as follows.


We tell novice players to begin with PvE. Although this is the only available mode if you prefer to play alone, V Rising is designed with multiplayer in mind. Up to three more people may join your globe in this mode, but they will not be able to harm you or your construction in any way. Consider this to be V Rising’s default single-player or cooperative mode.


PvP places you on a server where almost any vampire may attack you and your base, though they are not required to. Because you are all traveling, expanding, and creating at the very same time in the same environment, it’s easy for one player to overtake another and kill your character. When you do die in this scenario, all your possessions will be thrown to your assailant to loot, but you will not lose any tools or equipment.

Full Loot PvP

The hardest PvP mode, Full Loot PvP, should be avoided until you have a firm grasp on V Rising’s gameplay principles. Any player is free to fight each other whenever they want to, and it follows the same fundamental PvP rules. But, when a player dies, they lose everything they had on their character up to that point rather than their inventory, making it a high-risk, high-reward game.

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PvP Duo

The midway point between PvP and Full Loot PvP is PvP Duo. This mode, as you might have guessed, allows you to team up with one loyal ally to fight other teams made up of vampires. Once you and a friend have some experience of working with each other in PvE, this is a good way to test your teamwork against more dangerous enemies.

2. Be sure to focus on the Quest Journal first

Like your tutorial missions in V Rising, which are Journal Quests. Technically, you are free to ignore them and pursue your own interests, but to do so would impede your development. Complete every one of these Journal Quests first because they teach you about all the fundamental elements you need to know. Before you even consider branching out and doing your own thing, Some journal quests prevent you from progressing and from unlocking a crucial mechanic until you finish them.

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3. Blood, steel, and magic

You have to have blood to survive if you’re a vampire. Naturally, not all critters will just offer their blood without putting up a fuss. Blood, battle, and your vampiric powers are all complex elements that, despite being shown in the tutorial, are a little hard to comprehend.

The different types of blood

In V Rising, the types and qualities of the various things you can suck blood from will affect the buffs you receive. You should always look for the best blood there is, even though you won’t always have a choice if you’re running low, which could result in your death. One blood type buff can be active at a time, and trying to suck a different type of blood will swap the one you currently have. You do receive all tiers of that blood type’s benefits, up to and including the quality level at which you get them, with a most of five.

  • Creature:
    • You’ll experience a 3–15% increase in movement speed at Level 1.
    • You receive a 10–25% increase in sun resistance at level 2.
    • A damage reduction buff of between 10 and 20% is applied at level 3.
    • You get a 150 percent increase in health regeneration at level 4.
    • All previous bonuses will increase by 30% at level 5.
  • Brute:
    • Your main attack will leech life at a rate of between 7.5 percent and 12.5 percent at level 1.
    • Your main weapon’s attack speed will increase by 7.5 to 12.5 percent at level 2, and your gear level will also rise by one point.
    • When you deal a killing blow to an enemy, level 3 will heal you for 4% of their remaining health, buffing any healing you receive by 20% to 30%.
    • You have a 6% chance at level 4 of getting a movement speed buff that increases your main attack damage by 20% to 25% for every relative health point you recover.
    • All previous bonuses will increase by 30% at level 5.
  • Rogue:
    • Your critical chance with weapon attacks will increase by 10%–20% at level 1.
    • A straight-up 8–15% increase in movement speed characterizes Level 2.
    • Your travel skills get a 12–25% faster cooldown at level 3, and they have a 100% chance to immediately score a critical hit.
    • At level 4, every critical strike has a 50% chance of disabling the enemy’s armor, increasing all damage they take by 15% for 4 seconds.
    • All previous bonuses will increase by 30% at level 5.
  • Warrior:
    • Your physical power will be increased by 10% to 20% at level 1.
    • Your weapon skill cooldown is decreased by 8 to 15 percent at level 2.
    • If you have full health, level 3 reduces the damage you take by 7.5 percent to 15 percent and increases the damage you deal by 25 percent.
    • When you parry an attack, you have a 15% chance of doing so, which reduces the damage you take by 50% and increases your own damage by 25%.
    • All previous bonuses will increase by 30% at level 5.
  • Worker:
    • The resources you receive go up by 10% to 30% when you reach Level 1.
    • You deal 15–25% more damage to resource objects when you reach level 2.
    • Level 3 speeds you up while riding a horse by between 10% and 20%.
    • At level 4, you have a 3% chance of breaking a resource node and gaining speed.
    • All previous bonuses will increase by 30% at level 5.
  • Scholar:
    • Your spell power is increased by 12 to 25 percent at level 1.
    • Your spell’s cooldown is decreased by 8 to 15% when you reach level 2.
    • Your spells gain 5 to 10 percent of their power at level 3.
    • Leech of Life You have a 20% chance at level 4 to immediately reset the cooldown of a spell.
    • All previous bonuses will increase by 30% at level 5.
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The different types of fighting styles

V Rising is an isometric game, but it’s more like Diablo than a more strategic RPG since everything is done in real time. It also depends on positioning and skillful shooting. Five different weapon types are available in the early stages of the game, with a few more higher-quality ones becoming available as you get new recipes and blueprints. These are the five early stages of the game types:

  • Swords
  • Dual Axes
  • Mace
  • Spears
  • Crossbows

With swords being balanced, dual axes focusing on chop damage, maces being bulky but high damage, spears having a longer range, and crossbows being the only ranged weapon. As you improve your equipment, three unique weapon techniques can be added to every weapon. Try out the initial, less expensive weapons before making an investment in the rarer materials to upgrade the weapon that you think fits best with your vampire.

Magic and vampire abilities

You should become very familiar with both your magic and vampire abilities. Although they do become more varied as you gain levels, magic abilities are your typical elemental attacks. Choose what you want to cast, because your hot bar can only hold one travel ability, two basic abilities, and one ultimate ability. There are only 10 vampire abilities in total, and they can only be acquired by accomplishing quests or defeating unique bosses. Although these are strong abilities, you must remain still to use them. They are also difficult to use in an emergency due to their lengthy cooling times. Since they are more buff-oriented than directly offensive, they are best used before a fight.

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4. Stay in the shadows

Being exposed to the sun’s rays while you’re a vampire will result in you catching fire. If the sun’s rays strike your character for an extended period of time, you will begin to take a ton of damage and perish unless you find some cover. The obvious solution is to stalk the world at night, but shadows also serve the same purpose. Springing from shadow to shadow does make traversal far more complicated, but it is doable. Recognize that the sun moves over time, so a shadowy area one moment might become visible at another. To avoid being too far from cover when dawn breaks, stay close to your castle during the day and always keep an eye on the clock when you are out at night.

5. Get servants

Who among vampires doesn’t have a large staff at their disposal? Only nine servants are permitted per castle in V Rising, but that’s more than enough considering how helpful they can be. They not only have the ability to fight for you, but you can also use them to hunt, gather resources, or provide you with blood when you become hungry. Don’t ignore hiring some mortal slaves because there is a lot to learn about this system.

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