The 5 Best CSGO Aiming Techniques

CS: GO is by far the most popular competitive first-person shooter in the world, and so thousands of players are always working to improve their skills. The ability to shoot accurately is one of the most critical abilities to master in any FPS game, including CS:GO.

To help you improve your aim, I’ve put up a list of five suggestions that anyone can use, regardless of skill level or even game, although different shooting mechanics may come into play and need some familiarization.

1. Experimenting with AimLab

Gridshot on aimlab

Outside of CS:GO, there are a plethora of options for honing your aim. Aim Lab is a different game that you can download for free from Steam. A group of gamers has created a fantastic program that allows you to practice your aim in a variety of games, from professional ones like CS:GO to more recreational ones like Fortnite.

You should use the same sensitivity as the game you’re training for, because if you don’t, you’ll have to adjust to various sensitivity values every time you load a new game.

It’s important that you set up your preferences in the game’s settings the first time you play. Try several settings and see what you think; you can even compete on worldwide leaderboards after that.

2. The crosshair position is an important consideration at all times.

In CS:GO, mastering the position of the crosshairs is essential. To avoid a quick death from a headshot, you should aim your crosshairs as near to the heads of your enemies as possible. Otherwise, you’ll die from a quick headshot. Although it takes some getting used to, forcing oneself to keep the crosshair at eye level will become more natural the more you do it. Players new to the game will find themselves scanning the floor and adjusting their aim when they spot their opponent.

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This is particularly relevant in tight spaces. As a precaution, make sure your crosshairs are at the correct height. It also makes it easy to pre-fire the place if it is a common one to hold. The less you have to adjust when you spot an enemy in your line of sight, the more likely you are to kill him.

3. Having a blast with deathmach and prefire maps.

Deathmatch in csgo on Dust 2

Hundreds of maps are available in the Steam Workshop, all created by the community and used by thousands of gamers every day as they strive to improve. It’s possible to practice pre-aiming, mobility, utility use, and more on these maps.

To improve your aim, the best maps to use are those like Training Aim CSGO2. You’ll also improve your reflexes, your response time, and your ability to shoot quickly.

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I recently published an article on the best CS: GO aim maps. These maps, together with download links and a brief description of each of them, will help you improve your aim.

4. Mouse sensitivity can be adjusted.

The sensitivity of your crosshair is a measure of how much it moves in relation to the amount of mouse movement. It is possible to increase the sensitivity of your mouse to have your crosshair move more quickly while decreasing the sensitivity to make your crosshair move more slowly. Zgür “woxic” Eker, a tier 1 professional player from Cloud9, is recognized for having high sensitivity while playing with the AWP, despite the fact that many players use lower sensitivity.

Consistency is the most significant factor in sensitivity. There are no shortcuts when it comes to adapting to something new. Even though it’s fine to test and tweak things until you find something that works for you, patience and practice are the keys to success. When a player misses an easy shot, they tend to adjust their sensitivity immediately, and often do so mid-game. That’s all it does is force you to adapt to a new value in the middle of a match.

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The first step is to pick a value that you are comfortable with and stick with it.

5. What kind of equipment do you have on hand?

Your equipment, including your mouse and mousepad, can make a big difference, even if they aren’t related to increasing your aim. Again, this is a matter of personal preference. People have diverse preferences when it comes to the shape of a mouse. The sensors utilized by the various mice on the market have a big impact. There are some “gaming mice” that cost more than others because of this. If you’re using an older mouse, you may notice a difference in your performance. The benefits and cons of each sensor type should be researched before purchasing a new mouse.

The surface on which you place your mouse also has an impact. Sensors don’t operate well on glass tables because of reflections, so avoid using them on the tabletop. It’s best to use a mousepad! For the most part, gamers tend to keep their mousepads around for a long time before purchasing a new one. It’s subject to wear and tear, like anything else we use on a daily basis. Its surface will get rougher, causing the sensor to malfunction. Even worse, because it’s slow, you might not even notice, but when you receive a new one… it’s like night and day! Also, wash it often because dirt and perspiration aren’t good for it.

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