Spider Solitaire review

Spider Solitaire is a game that was I recently discovered. At first, when I started playing this game I really could not stand it because I was always losing; however when I read the directions and learned me how to play I have been winning ever since.

Spider Solitaire is set up like the original Solitaire game, except the cards are lined up ten rows with six cards in each row. Unlike the original Solitaire, instead of four suits, spades is the sole suit. If you become more skilled at playing spider Solitaire, you can enjoy a two suit game.

It is all about strategy and everything you think you know from playing the original Solitaire does not necessarily affect Spider Solitaire. You’re trying to line up all ten kings without getting yourself trapped. Sometimes, the computer will deal me a good game and usually I will fall into line maybe four or five cards I will need without getting trapped. Other times, I have to fight my way through the whole game because I become so trapped with cards.

Once you receive the hang of it after while, you will begin to see how easy the overall game has been all along. It’s very addictive and fun to play. Before I get on the internet or while I’m on the internet, I make it my mission to play one or more games at Good2Game.com.

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