Six Raft Tips for Newbies

Raft’s entire environment is submerged in water, making it difficult for even new players to get a handle on the controls.

Despite the abundance of survival games, very few of them feature water. Raft is about surviving on a planet covered in water, while Subnautica is about submerged survival. Raft is set on a planet where only a few tiny islands can be found on the planet where Raft is submerged under water.

It has a few mechanics, though, like other survival games. The harsh terrain that new players must traverse may make it difficult for them to find food and water in the game. This advice will be helpful to any newcomer to the game.

1. Keeping your distance from sharks

There will be difficulties in every survival game, some more difficult than others. Players now have to be concerned about being eaten by sharks if they fall off their raft or try to scavenge for supplies on the ocean floor, in addition to the usual difficulties of surviving without food or water.

It’s good to know that you can completely avoid the creature’s jaws. The player may prepare bait for the shark and throw it in the opposite direction if their companion has fallen into the water or if they intend to leave the area. Be sure to always have plenty of rope, pomfret, or raw herring on hand because those are the two main ingredients for making bait. Although it’s rare for players to survive the shark’s many attacks, it’s still important to watch your health.

Sharks can be killed with enough damage to satiate the appetites of the daring. Remember that if you kill one shark, more will follow.

2. Keeping up a personal water supply

Ocean water does not, as its name implies, quench your thirst. The taste is unpleasant, and the already-dehydrated person will become even more dehydrated as a result of the salt. In Raft, the ocean water is the same.

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With the aid of water purifiers, players can create drinkable water at will, as well as water for crops. A purifier made of six planks, six palm leaves, or four pieces of plastic can purify one cup of water. The glass or plastic compartments on the purifier can hold five cups’ worth of liquid or a bottle. and a water filter that recharges itself using electricity and only five scraps: twenty plastic bottles, four circuit boards, and four titanium ingots.

It is preferable to have two or three high-tech water purifiers operating to make sure that there is always water for the group. Replace the ocean water in your basic or advanced purifier as necessary to maintain production.

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3. Don’t forget to prepare food.

Of course, like water, food is a crucial component of the game. There are several methods in the game for getting food. Another one of them is fishing. The ocean can be a terrifying place, but there are plenty of fish swimming around players waiting to be swooped up.

Additionally, like with water, different food sources need different cooking tools. Some grills, like a simple grill made of 6 planks, 1 scrap, and 3 ropes, can cook some vegetables and fish. Or a more sophisticated grill that uses six planks, two metal ingots, two ropes, and six nails to cook large fish or several small pieces. A cooking pot can also combine food into a large bowl of goodness and requires 6 planks, 6 plastic, 2 metal ingots, 4 vine goods, and 1 bolt.

Having a few chests of pre-cooked food on hand is always a good idea. It’s a useful tool to have when exploring islands, and it’s great to stock up on it so that players can head back out to sea without fear of going hungry.

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4. Raft creation and maintenance

Players will begin on a small piece of wood with nothing more than a hook. As they float in the water, they will need to use the hook to bring resources in from the ocean. Gathering enough supplies to extend the raft they are standing on doesn’t take very long. Players should be aware of how to build on their raft and how to expand it, though.

Players can extend their boats both ways with the aid of stairs and platforms. The edges of the boat are the main area to be on the lookout for. Always extend platforms around main-level objects. The shark will attack the boat. Although players can use a spear or other weapon to knock the boat off the raft, the shark will end up tearing the boat in two. If there is a structure there, it will crumble and disappear.

Additionally, having a boat of a reasonable size can aid in resource collection. If players would rather concentrate on fishing, farming, building, or smelting goods, they can build nets to gather resources for them on the main floor, which can catch the resources floating by.

5. Remember to gather all the necessary materials.

The game’s progression depends on gathering resources, like it does in most survival games. While islands are a great place to discover new resources and items, some of the best places to stock up on supplies are underwater or through ocean loot. Players will have to spend time floating around trying to gather extra items rather than exploring if they stop at an island and need to make some spears or water bottles but don’t have enough plastic or wood.

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This procedure can be sped up by crafting a lot of chests and placing them . A team will work better together toward a common goal if everyone is aware of what is on the boat and what needs to be stocked up. It is ideal for each player to have a job when teammates. Any process can be made simple by having someone collect the goods while another serves as the chief builder or chef.

6. Use agriculture to stay alive.

A floating farm. Has anyone ever seen one? Now that Raft is a great place to practice farming techniques, they can. For farming and crops, players should concentrate on a different level of the raft. Players can stock up on food with this skill if they can plan well enough and have this area be at the top level or close to it.

Having it on the top floor would work because players could work on both growing trees and potatoes, in addition to farming potatoes. The best way to use foraged food like the mangoes and coconuts found on the island is to replant it so that there will be plenty in the future. When no one is fishing but they need some quick and simple food to eat, this will be helpful.

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