Money Making Strategies for Euro Truck Simulator 2: 17 Pointers

Euro Truck Simulator 2 (ETS2) players may increase their bank accounts simply by logging additional miles. Driving cargos requires serious commitment of time and energy. The good news is that there are strategies to help you win more money at this casino game. My fifty plus hours of training have allowed me to successfully acquire two garages and employ ten drivers. Follow my advice to increase your earnings in Euro Truck Simulator 2 quickly and significantly.

Choose the longest-distance mission with the greatest cost.

Keep an eye on the price per distance or price per kilometer of a certain delivery assignment so you don’t end up on the losing end of the earnings spectrum. You may find several local shipping options that yet promise to net you a substantial sum of cash.

Instead of using the business vehicle, you should use your own.

Sending freight using a business truck eliminates the costs of maintenance, fuel, and tolls, but the pay may be lower than if you used your own vehicle. Having your own vehicle also allows you to enter “free roam” mode, allowing you to get to previously inaccessible locations. To that end, it is recommended that you put away as much money as you can before purchasing a vehicle.

Choose a low-cost, high-performance pickup.

Some of the names in trucks today are household names. However, in terms of efficiency, the Volvo FH, Scania R, and Mercedes-Benz New Actros are well-known for being inexpensive while still being able to handle huge cargos. Also, if you can, try to acquire an upgraded engine. Modifications made for the sake of aesthetics rather than performance should be avoided. At the outset, it’s important to make prudent financial decisions.

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It’s recommended that you look for work just in the immediate area.

It’s tempting to leave the country for the city because of the promise of a better life. There is no purpose in operating a truck if there is no cargo to transport. You’re not just squandering gas, but time that might be put to better use elsewhere.

In order to have access to more useful cargo alternatives, players must purchase more “Cargo Packs” as downloadable content.

Several Cargo Packs on ETS2 have larger payouts than average due to the greater worth of the cargo they contain. This add-on makes it simple to find jobs that pay more than 60 euro cents per kilometer. If you want to purchase the downloadable content, you should hold off until there is a sale. Besides the occasional Steam sale, ETS2 is often on sale.

Some of the most lucrative routes in the game might be unlocked with the “Map Expansions” DLC.

The Map Expansions downloadable content is strongly suggested if you want to lengthen the journey and increase the variety of encounters you may have along the way. In addition to opening up new areas to discover, it also enables you to take on new kinds of tasks that might have an impact on your income. Among the challenges of expanding into Scandinavia are the roads’ many abrupt bends and slopes. The road may be more difficult, but the reward might be greater.

Create a training plan tailored to each driver.

Every one of your drivers is “Balanced” trained by default. Whether it’s Advanced Driver Responsibility, Long Distance, High Value Cargo, Fragile Cargo, or JIT Delivery, it’s important to have a specialty. If a driver has a certain ability, and that expertise is needed to transport a certain cargo, then the driver may be able to earn more money. To determine which drivers bring in the most money, try assigning them various skills. Always take it easy while you’re in the position of overtaking other vehicles. You probably missed a drop in the speed limit, and that’s a big ticket item (even if it wasn’t, slowing down will assist you avoid whatever slowed down that automobile).

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It’s not really worth your time to park by hand.

It always gives 45 experience points. Just do it if you desire it for the sake of your own satisfaction and success.

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If you have to wait an additional cycle, it won’t be for long.

If you attempt to speed past a yellow light, you’ll end up with a “run red light” penalty since you turned too soon.

There is a positive attitude about road rage.

When someone cuts you off, takes too long to cross the street, and leaves you no time to cross before the light changes, or is otherwise being annoying, you may mash H and J together to express your displeasure.

Turn signals are recognized by autonomous vehicles.

They may not always pay attention, but most drivers will make room for you if you indicate a turn or lane change.

Since inclement weather and nighttime driving aren’t likely to occur during the introductory drives, they aren’t covered in the manual.

By default, pressing the P key will activate the windshield wipers, while pressing the L key will activate the headlights.

Ideal Jumping Off Point

The area surrounding Dortmand, Germany is a great spot to begin your journey.

To get started, choose two or three distant spots.

Then, just-in-time delivery is worth 2 points, but high-value, perishable cargo is only worth 1. After you’ve reached your long distance limit, you may begin ADR unlocking.

Get a loan for $100,000 and purchase a vehicle right now.

You should pay off the $100,000 and then borrow the $500,000 as soon as it becomes available. Improve the maintenance bay and get the drivers used Ivecos at a discount.

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When it comes to towing and hauling, Volvo is unrivaled, whereas Iveco is abysmal.

The remainder are about par, with Scania and MAN ultimately catching up to Volvo in terms of upgrades.

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