Lost Ark 5 Beginner Tips You Must Know

Many novel systems will confront players in Lost Ark. Take a deep breath and concentrate on a few straightforward tasks if it all feels too much.

In Lost Ark, new players might feel alienated. There are many systems operating simultaneously, and it seems like an owner’s manual is necessary to comprehend each one. But, because Lost Ark is doing so many things that other games aren’t, MMORPG veterans might feel even more out of place.

Not everything needs to be your concern at once. Once you reach level 50 or near end game, there will be many more areas that you can explore. There are a few pointers that new players ought to be aware of because they’ll set the stage for how the rest of the game will proceed.

1. Spend No Money Yet

A player's inventory displaying 10 stone arrows

The shop is full of flash sales that will tempt all but the most frugal players. The problem is that new players won’t know whether they are splurging money needlessly or on worthwhile purchases.

Avoid these deals by playing for a while without making any purchases until you reach 50. Players probably already own a mount that is at least as good as or better than that “special” mount in the shop. If it was a great deal, people would want to take advantage of it again.

2. Have a Variety of Presets

Three character models from the video game Lost Ark posing in stances

A click of a button can switch out skills, items, and card decks. Players receive two presets for free in the game; use them while you can. Characters that are solely DPS will have presets that target bosses and groups, respectively.

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The importance of this increases for support and tank characters. Have a DPS build for solo play. Then, when it’s time to form a group, press a few buttons to get ready to support a team right away.

3. Alternate Classes

The main Five classes of Lost Ark represented side by side

You don’t enjoy the way that class is being played. Replace that! Lost Ark is not a game where a character can level up with a friend’s help. It will need lots of time. Don’t feel like you’ve invested too much in one class to change because a surprising number of things transfer from one character to the next.

Because they appeal to different players, every class has a strong representation. have no obligation to take part in a community need. Playing the class that the player excels in is worth sacrificing what may be considered ideal by others.

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4. Not Changing Your Gear

A picture of a special set of armor only available in Lost Ark

Resources can be invested in gear, and those gear levels can then be transferred to new gear. During the endgame, this procedure will be commonplace. Although it can be done at lower levels as well, it is not advised.

Dealing with outdated equipment is already a process. Transferring these resources into newer equipment takes too much time when better equipment is available every hour or so. Picking up any found gear makes it simple to beat the game. Wait until later to use this system.

5. Daily Visit Rapport NPCs

War turtle preparing for battle against other players in game

To reach level 50, it will take days of focused gaming and weeks of casual gaming. Players will encounter NPCs with hearts surrounding them at that time. You can interact with these people on a daily basis to build a rapport.

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To establish a connection, give them gifts, send them emojis, and play them music. Keep track of where they are and go there every day. There will be a lot of relationship-building with different characters in the endgame. It’s smart to get a head start on this.

On PC, Lost Ark was made available on December 4th, 2019.

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