7 Tips for Using Classes in Krunker.io

1. Triggerman, Assault Rifle

Since the AR does a decent amount of damage and range, it is advised to avoid engaging in excessive close-quarters battle and instead keep the AK at close-medium to medium range. You’ll be alright as long as you don’t approach your adversaries too . If you have a secondary, you can use it to complete the kill if you run out of ammunition in the middle of a battle and need to reload. It’s not too hard to defeat an AK user. To avoid their shots, you must either toss your knife or move.

2. Hunter, Sniper Rifle

The weapon that is most suited for long and medium ranges is one that has a strong damage output and a lengthy effective range. But it has advantages and disadvantages. With a little practice, it will be effective despite being a single shot to the head, chest, and upper torso. But with 60 horsepower, you can be shot three times by a blaster or even four times by an AK-47. So, it is wise to exercise caution. It doesn’t matter if you camp; a sniper is designed to kill targets at a distance, and while quickscoping is entertaining, it does need some practice. Your ability to move makes you a difficult target to kill. It is simple to counter; if you use your weapon, almost any weapon will suffice. A sniper’s direct line of fire should never be crossed during a battle.

3. Run and Gun, Sub-Machine Gun

Camping with an SMG is not an option because it operates best at close to medium ranges. You should rush with an SMG by moving and also by wall-jumping, as the name implies. Because of its good speed, you can strafe more to block shots more . which also makes controlling its fire while you move like Sonic a little challenging. To combat this, move in the opposite direction from where the SMG guy is traveling. This will make it more difficult for him to hit you with a shot, and you may then shoot or spray him with anything else at that point.

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4. Spray and Pray, Machine Gun

This is a powerful class that regular and Tryhard players dread. With 60 bullets and 180 health, you have enough ammunition to spray anyone who dares charge at you. With 180 health, you can also withstand a sniper shot to the head or even a knife thrown at you with only half the force. But it has some drawbacks, including the fact that you always have a full LMG with you, which makes you slow, as well as the fact that the weapon itself has a slow average speed, a below-average firing rate, and low damage in comparison to other weapons.

The fastest class in Krunker is spray and pray, as everyone is aware of. Yes, if you bhop while holding the LMG, you can pick up speed without pausing and go over the map like a M249 with lightning speed. Except for sniper rifles, it has a counter. It can be destroyed by all other weapons’ damage, although doing so takes more ammunition than with other classes.

5. Vince, Shotgun

The most “op” class of weapon in Krunker is this one. And it hasn’t yet received a nerf. I don’t know why. With it, you can perform a wide range of stunts, including shotgun jumps, shotgun boosts like those done by Arak, 2x jumps by shotgun jumping and kanji leaping on the pad, and many others. If you are skilled enough, this weapon can defeat every weapon and be defeated by every weapon. When a person with a shotgun approaches you, retreat while aiming your rounds at the person with the shotgun. By doing so, you’ll reduce the shotgun’s effective range and cut the harm it may do to you.

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6. Detective, Revolver

It is a weapon best suited for passive to sweating plays because it deals great damage but only has 6 bullets. Hunters, Vinces, and marksmen are all one-shottable. And doing so is enjoyable. Since rev is a two-shot game, try first hitting an adversary with your first shot as they approach, then changing positions—to the player’s back—and hitting them with your second shot to complete the kill. Since most players use that tactic, countering it isn’t difficult. You also change positions as soon as another play shoots you in the first round and as soon as you have fired a few shots into the player. After changing positions to avoid the gunfire, shoot the rev user one more time to complete the kill. It’s also advisable to avoid obstructing a rev user’s path.

7. Marksman, Semi-auto

It’s not too difficult to understand why the majority of Tryhards use this weapon. It is a little bit simple to use, has high damage, good speed, and little recoil. It is simple to understand why Tryhards use this since it has a 2 shot sniper to the skull and a 3 to 4-shot capability. Since it’s a semi-automatic weapon, shoot anyone who tries to charge at you with your mouse. Since there are only 8 bullets in it, reload after a kill. Additionally, since it only has 90 horsepower, you must move when using it. strafe and shoot at the semi-user instead of trying to counter it.

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