Getting across the Lands Between in Elden Ring: 22 Tips

The advice we have for Elden Ring might fill a whole book. Why else would this article be so lengthy? To put it simply, this game is enormous and challenging. 

As you make your way across the lands between, you’ll encounter various foes, meet interesting people, and come across a wide variety of useful goods. However, if you knew everything about Elden Ring beforehand, you’d miss out on some of the game’s most rewarding moments, like when you discover a hidden area or a new ability. 

There won’t be any major spoilers here, but these pointers should help you get off to a good start. You need not spend hours grinding runes to defeat a challenging monster. It’s possible that Elden Ring’s introduction may confuse players who are experiencing their first game from FromSoftware. It’s not laid out like other role-playing games, and the way you interact with the game’s non-playable characters and other components isn’t always obvious. 

5 elden ring tips for the lands between

The following advice won’t prevent you from getting lost (after all, that’s half the fun), but it will point you in the direction of the resources you’ll need to go forward. Elden Ring has been delayed for three years, and it’s as challenging as the games it was modeled after. Japanese studio FromSoftware, creators of the Demon’s Souls, Bloodborne, and Dark Souls franchises, is responsible for Elden Ring. Elden Ring, like other games, challenges your precision, accuracy, and originality to complete, and even then, you’ll probably perish more frequently than not. It’s a tough game, but not impossible by any means. 

It was intended for the experience to reward players who stuck with it and used their brains to solve the puzzles they encountered. You can overcome almost any difficulty in Elden Ring with enough time, effort, practice, and luck on your side. If you want to make it through the Lands Between alive, here are 22 suggestions for conquering the world of Elden Ring.

Choose a suitable introductory class.

Veteran Souls gamers will tell you that the beginning classes are unimportant. In some ways, this is correct; you may grow your stats in any direction, so the beginning class is really a starting point rather than a decision that binds you into a certain position. That remains true in Elden Ring, but since the game progresses at a slower pace compared to the far shorter and smaller Souls games that came before it, your starting class has a significant influence on your first dozen or so hours. 

Use the explanation option in the menu (E on keyboard or Y on controller by default) to go over the stats and choose one that best matches a melee or spellcasting character. For beginner Souls players, I suggest the Vagabond for its balanced beginning attributes or the Hero for its focus on vigor (health) and strength. It’s not a major concern if you start the game with a sword and shield and then decide early on that you want to use magic, but it may mean you have to save certain foes or bosses until later until you’ve leveled Intelligence up to match their challenge. If you don’t want to fight with your superiors, go with the astrologer. Some conflicts may be made considerably simpler by casting strong magic spells from a distance.

Gather everything together.

Naturally, Elden Ring contains a crafting system given that it is an open game. You should constantly spam the item pickup button as you ride across the Lands Between on your horse Torrent, picking up shrubs and flowers along the way. 

You don’t have to go out of your way to gather herbs; the world is full of them. However, you should always clear a path before you go. You’ll be able to make things like firebombs, equipment for multiplayer summoning, and arrows.

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Avoid detection by being covert.

Use the stealth system; I can’t emphasize it enough. The stealth mechanic in Elden Ring seems like it was lifted straight out of Sekiro. When you’re in a crouch, it’s difficult for your enemies to see you, and if they hear you, they’ll only glance in the direction they last saw you. You may utilize this to your advantage by sneaking past enemies to get a valuable item or by positioning yourself for a devastating backstab attack. Some situations in the game almost demand stealth, so getting a head start on that aspect of gameplay is a good idea.

Don’t rush off to the grand fortresses

Since following the crucial route is often the simplest strategy in games, this piece of advice may seem counterintuitive. However, in Elden Ring, you shouldn’t rush to the final destination signs indicate. It’s tempting to rush headlong into whatever seems likely to advance the plot, but that’s not how the game is intended to be played. Elden Ring is more like a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, so if you’re up for a huge challenge, go for it. 

The open world is where players may go to discover new areas, do optional missions, take on minibosses, get new gear, and advance in the game. Like raids, the dungeons or castles include increasingly harder encounters with multi-phase monsters. In exchange for wandering the globe for a while, you will get some essential crafting materials for your quest to find golden seeds. If you want better quality flasks, you need update them.

You should give importance to the symbols representing the map pieces.

Discovering a new area is best done via filling in Elden Ring’s map. To be safe, it’s best to have the map fragment unlocked even if you want to let the game naturally guide you to your destination. Stone tablets represent new areas of the Lands Between, so keep an eye out for them on your map. The map piece itself will be there. 

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They are often located near the entrance, although may sometimes need some searching. When you finally get your hands on it, it will lift the mist from your map so that you can make out the major thoroughfares. You may choose to disregard the map, but it will come in handy if you die and need to retrieve your runes.

Don’t overload yourself with tools.

It’s natural to want to upgrade your equipment when you acquire stronger weapons and armor. Okay, but make sure you keep an eye on the “equip load” entry under your character’s state. Elden Ring indicates whether you are carrying a light, medium, or heavy weight, depending on your equipped armor and weapons, and your endurance stat. 

Keep your load light or medium; doing so will allow you to dodge roll more quickly and farther with more “invincibility frames” than if you were carrying a big load. Be wary of carrying too much weight, since doing so may leave you vulnerable to bosses due to your increased rolling speed and stamina consumption. If you want to use heavier armor or weaponry, you should invest more points into endurance. It’s more useful to have the mobility that comes with a lighter roll than the increased defense that comes with a heavy one.

In other words, you may always check back later.

Due to the game’s non-linear nature, you may encounter bosses or adversaries who are much too powerful for you to handle at this time in Elden Ring. This may occur at any point in the game, regardless of where the bosses are. 

You should grow accustomed to putting off challenging encounters or dungeons until you’ve leveled up a little, as is the case in many open world games. Unlike in previous Souls games, Elden Ring’s quick travel system allows you to reach a checkpoint from anywhere. Even after putting in 60 hours of playtime for our Elden Ring review, I’m still getting my arse kicked by things in the game’s early stages.

Assist other players in their quest to get runes by defeating enemies and completing dungeons.

The other players in Elden Ring may assist you in numerous ways, but you can earn a large quantity of runes without taking any risks if you aid them instead. You may be summoned into another player’s game by placing your Tarnished’s Furled Finger item at a place of grace or in front of a boss entrance. 

While you’re there, you and a friend may team up to fight enemies for runes, and if one of you is killed, you just respawn in your own game with all the runes you’ve earned. You may quickly and easily level up and learn the layout of dangerous areas and boss encounters by accepting summons from other players.

Use Spirit Ashes and non-playable character summoning.

Skipping the Spirit Ashes is the single worst thing you can do in Elden Ring. After the opening hour, at the first Site of Grace (bonfire) you come across after the tutorial, you’ll discover the remains of a church. Visit the location after dark and speak with the woman in the large hat to get the Spirit Bell. Don’t ask me how that’s possible, it’s a FromSoftware game; if you can’t locate her, go to Roundtable Hold, the game’s main center, and purchase it from the two dead maidens there. It is generally simpler to fight bosses and groups of opponents in the open area of the Lands Between while using AI buddies to divide their focus. The grave symbol, which allows you to summon, will appear in the bottom left of your screen whenever you enter a new region or chamber. 

All types of deadly allies await your discovery and unlock, from skeletons and archers to wolves. To make matters even more interesting, you may increase their destructive potential by just investigating more. In the first dungeon, Stormveil Castle, search for a yellow NPC summon sign near a boss entrance. Once you’ve found the character via exploring the courtyard, they’ll join you in your battle against the area’s final monster. Players may be called in the same manner, but their names will appear on the sign when you click on it. You have the option of calling upon Souldierboy420 rather than an NPC.

Put your bleeding and freezing abilities to the test against challenging foe.

The enormous monsters in Elden Ring are daunting to look at, but watching their health bar extend over the whole screen, and seeing how little of it chips away when you strike them, is even more so. Bleeding-inducing weapons are a great choice for fast knocking off that health bar. A significant portion of an opponent’s health will be depleted after being hit repeatedly, as shown by an unseen blood loss meter. 

As the damage from bleed is proportional to the target’s health, it may be devastating against very resilient bosses. Some weapons, like katanas and daggers, are born with the ability to bleed, while others may acquire this ability through the use of Ashes of War. Attacks that generate frost are also quite effective; when applied to an enemy for long enough, they will catch frostbite, which not only causes them to incur more damage but also reduces their defenses for a short period of time.

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Master the art of using two weapons at once

If you equip two weapons of the same kind, your character will enter a “powerstance” and learn a special attack that may be used by pressing the L1 button in Elden Ring. Yes, you will lose a shield, but you will also gain the ability to deliver significant damage. 

For powerstaging, you need just have two weapons of the same kind, such as two swords or two daggers or two scythes. Try out the different L1 attack animations (including leap attacks) when equipped with a compatible partner to get a sense of the combination and range. Aggressive playstyle, but better than attempting to deflect assaults from Elden Ring’s strongest adversaries.

Try additional Ashes of War in your experiments.

A new kind of weapon skill, reliant on the blue FP resource, is introduced by Elden Ring. Special attacks, such as holy missiles, magic deflection, and increased attack strength, are all possible thanks to the Ashes of War, which are powers bound to weapons and shields. 

They also modify the weapon’s scaling using certain statistics. It’s a good idea to experiment with different Ashes of War on each weapon, since different opponents and bosses are vulnerable to different sorts of damage. You may freely switch between various Ashes of War, and they won’t ever be used up or bound to a certain weapon. Try incorporating some new abilities into your rotation if you’re conducting a boss run. While weapon proficiency isn’t designed to replace standard fighting, it might give you a leg up on a particularly challenging monster.

When deciding where to begin, skip Wretch (unless you really want to).

There are ten distinct first-level character options in Elden’s Ring. Nine of them are perfect for any team, whether you’re playing as an intrepid nomad, a smart astrologer, or a flexible confidant. But there is one class that new players, or those playing their first game by FromSoftware, should stay away from until they get the hang of things. 

When first introduced, the Wretch has very few abilities and is just equipped with a flimsy wooden club. You are under no obligation to accept my word for it. Director of Elden Ring Hidetaka Miyazaki advised most players to avoid this class. Just so we’re clear, I played through the game as a Wretch and really enjoyed starting from scratch. When you play as a Wretch, you don’t have to choose between several base stat values; instead, you get to decide how you want to assign your stats as you level up. Be aware of the potential consequences.

If you haven’t already, you should get together with Melina right now.

As soon as Elden Ring’s short lesson is through, you are free to explore the Lands Between at your own pace. The whole of Limerick is open for you to discover. The precious runes you collect along the way are of little use, though, no matter how many foes you beat, pieces of equipment you locate, or alternative dungeons you visit. 

You should track down Melina, an NPC who promises to serve as your maiden, and use the power of the runes you uncover to boost your most important attributes. You won’t have any trouble locating Melina. To reach the other two Sites of Lost Grace, just follow the light trails left by the first two you discovered. After you’ve joined forces with Melina, you’re free to travel back and discover as much of Limgrave as you want.

You should use a shield, but only seldom.

To protect yourself from harm, you should equip a shield if you discover one in a Soulsborne game. The same may be said of them; they are a trap. 

While shields may save a lot of damage and spare you from a lot of humiliating deaths, they can also be your undoing if you choose to play it safe, especially in boss encounters. However, there is a middle ground with shields, as there is with most other systems in Elden Ring. Physical attacks are the most prevalent kind, thus your first priority should be to locate a lightweight shield with a 100% block rate. Then, as you go exploring, always have your shield up; this will protect you from many sneak attacks. 

When facing off against formidable foes, though, it’s important to know when to keep your shield up and when to dodge, particularly if you can dodge toward the attacker rather than away from it.

Travel the countryside on horseback.

When you equip the Elden Ring, you have access to Torrent, a mount you may call upon in battle. You may mount Torrent at will in the open world and utilize him to quickly cover large distances, reach high platforms, or engage in hit-and-run assaults against adversaries. 

Even though Torrent’s main function is to assist you in exploring, he also makes for a great ally in combat. Although mounted warfare lacks the precision of hand-to-hand fighting, your survival is increased since your attackers are more likely to strike Torrent. In addition, Torrent can outpace any foe, including the game’s largest and meanest bosses. No one should feel guilty for making it through another day alive and well.

Margit, the Fell Omen, should be your focus.

You have unlimited time to explore the Limgrave area, but you won’t be able to go farther in the game without defeating the game’s first big monster, Margit the Fell Omen. Margit is a formidable opponent due to his wide arsenal, impressive combinations, and seeming resistance to harm. But with little planning and good fortune on your side, you can prove Margit wrong. 

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As soon as you enter Stormveil Castle, you’ll face off against Margit, and after a few attempts, you’ll have a fair notion of whether or not you can overcome him. (Defending against his strikes becomes more difficult in the last section of the battle.) When you’re ready to try again, walk back out into Limgrave to seek out extra dungeons and upgrades. If you can overcome Margit, you can probably beat the rest of the game. Be aware that Xbox Series X players will have to wait longer for the game to load between tries.

Proceed to Roundtable Hold and stay for a while.

As your friendship with Melina grows, she may invite you to Roundtable Hold, a far-off haven where jaded adventurers may recharge and plan their next move. You’ll find a blacksmith, spirit tuner (for summonable creatures), priest, sorcerer, and more in Roundtable Hold, making it a fantastic location from which to develop your character. 

To speak with Gideon Ofnir, the de facto leader of Roundtable Hold, is the true benefit of a visit there. Ofnir is the de facto commander of the Tarnished and has amassed a wealth of information on the four demigods that pose a danger to the Lands Between. If you want to know where to go and what boss to face next in the game, you need to consult with Ofnir.

Engage in titanic conflict for the sake of entertainment and financial gain.

Elden Ring’s all-purpose money is limited in comparison to the Soulsborne games (Runes, in this case). It may take a long time to grind out the hundreds of runes needed to enhance an attribute, so if you die twice in a row, you’ll be in serious danger. However, there is a location somewhat early on that guarantees you at least 5,000 Runes each run, greatly speeding up the process. Nonetheless, there is some difficulty. 

When defeated, the five giants known as Troll Warriors located southeast of the Warmaster’s Shack in central Limgrave each drop 1,000 runes. Particularly towards the beginning of the game, they prove to be formidable foes. However, if you take the battle to them while mounted, things get lot easier.

Make regular use of your runes.

The challenge of retaining runes in Elden Ring is a significant one. After your first death, you’ll be able to collect your belongings by making the journey back to the place you perished. However, if you die twice in a row, you will lose them permanently, so you had best hope there is a decent grinding site nearby. 

The easiest approach to avoid losing runes is to use them as soon as possible. Increases to attributes are the most reliable and effective use of Runes, but you may also use them to purchase new equipment or improve your current pieces if you don’t have enough for a full level up. Do not unless absolutely must carry about thousands of runes in your pocket. Maybe you won’t get to keep them. Our advice on how to harvest runes in Elden Ring will give you a leg up on the competition.

Recover quickly and often.

If you have the Elden Ring, you may bring along Crimson Flasks, which restore a significant amount of health whenever you drink from them. While it may seem prudent to hoard Crimson Flasks for emergency use, doing so is a certain way to meet your untimely demise. This is due to the fact that healing takes time, and time is something you may not have in plenty against Elden Ring’s opponents. 

Therefore, even if you are not close to death, it is essential to maintain a high level of health. There is value in healing if your health dips below 50%, and in locations with strong enemies (which is most regions), you may want to start quaffing soon your health reaches 75%. Having even a little bit of health is preferable than dying with a warehouse full of flasks.

Come return whenever you like.

The lack of significant roadblocks is one of Elden Ring’s many appealing features. The amount of times a certain location or monster must be defeated before moving forward in the game is so few that I can count them on one hand. (Relatedly, I’ll provide some advice on how to proceed once you’ve vanquished Queen Rennala.) In the event that you’re having problems with a certain region or foe, you may always go to Torrent and look for a fresh start. Obtaining some new gear or accessing a side dungeon that has some essential Runes will most likely be discovered. 

However, this comes with the risk that the next region you go into will be much more challenging than the one you just left. It’s not always easy to identify when you’ve reached the limits of your expertise, either. Being stealthy means you don’t want to draw too much attention to yourself. However, this is preferable than staring at an impossible opponent for hours on end.

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