Five recommendations for beginning Destiny 2 in 2022

It can be intimidating to try and start playing because of the game’s extensive history, but with the right advice, players will be ready.

Several things define Destiny 2. It’s arguably one of this generation’s most well-liked online multiplayer games. It is a changing, evolving thing with regular content releases, seasonal updates, and a deep backstory. With the release of its fifth expansion, Witch Queen, Bungie has further augmented and improved the experience with additions such as Savathun’s Throne World and the Enclave, as well as the release of its fifth expansion, Witch Queen.

Due to the game’s lengthy history, getting started with it can be difficult. So, new players wonder things like, “What do I do first?” or, throughout their initial experience, “Where do I go next?” We’ve created a guide to help players get up to speed because we realize how confusing this can be for those looking to play Destiny. Are you ready, Guardian?

1. Starting Out: The Fundamentals

The first step is to develop a character. Players should now select the class that best fits their playing style. The Titans have exceptional defensive skills that enable them to defend both themselves and their teammates. Warlocks are exceptional at using their utility-based skills to help their teammates heal and deal more damage.

Last but not least, hunters have amazing movement-based and tactical skills that will give guardians stealth and evasion. Additionally, the game allows players to create up to three characters, so if desired, you can have one of each.

2. Moving Forward in the Story So Far

The history of Destiny goes back thousands of years in both space and time. The “Guardians” are players who find themselves in the middle of an intergalactic conflict between the forces of light and darkness. The Traveler, a vast spherical entity, is the embodiment of the Light.

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The Traveler lives in a galaxy where a mysterious and evil force known as The Darkness is encroaching on it and threatening to take over everything the Light calls home. By means of the traveler’s fragments known as “Ghosts,” Guardians are endowed with light. Each time a Guardian dies, this fragment raises them from the dead.

3. New Light: The Expanded Tutorial

The original tutorial for Destiny 2 is infamous for being too brief and failing to give new players enough information to proceed with assurance. Bungie released a new tutorial called “New Light with Beyond Light,” the final significant expansion before Witch Queen.

This quest introduces the game’s features. Along the way, players will be able to access new activities and locations as the game explains the fundamental principles underlying everything. You can either start a new character or pick up this quest from the Quest Archive in the Tower, the game’s hub, to start.

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4. High levels of power.

The player’s power level in Destiny is determined by the equipment they are wearing. The Witch Queen makes the base power level for each starting character at least 1350. As a result, players can begin playing Destiny’s main activities as soon as the game has loaded.

As you advance to more difficult tasks, you’ll need a higher power level. You can either boost it by upgrading your equipment or infusing it with more potent material. There are also levels of level caps where advancing requires finishing difficult missions. “Soft Cap,” “Powerful Gear,” and “Pinnacle Gear” are some of these tiers.

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5. Give me the money!

The quest for more loot is one of the game’s most intriguing features. Destiny 2 has a ton of armor and weapons to find, and Bungie has this covered. There are three categories for rarity levels in gear: rare, legendary, and exotic. Rarity levels have different effects on gameplay at different points, like in other looter shooters or MMO games. To advance at first, players must rely on uncommon items.

Rare items are used to upgrade equipped items by infusing them with legendary and exotic gear after being replaced. Additionally, you can only have one exotic weapon and piece of armor on at once. Exotics are the foundation of a loadout and rank among its most important focal points. Players can further optimize their playstyle and gear with mods and master work.

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