Fallout 76: 5 Tricks Even Pro Players Don’t Know About

Fallout 76, like previous survival games, is rife with shortcuts and methods that the majority of players would never discover on their own. The best places to find specific items, perks to use while crafting, and special uses of the camera item are all important indications that you may not be aware of even if you’ve played Fallout 76 for hundreds of hours.

Every wastelander in this post-apocalyptic game should be aware of the necessary survival techniques, especially since some of the following are passive and need no more work.

1. Friend other players to get to their location.

Friends helping each other

You may need to travel to the other side of the map on occasion, but do not want to walk all the way there. you can make friends with other Wastelanders you meet on your journey. Everyone you meet is a possible friend as well as a quick trip destination.

If you have a buddy who is on the same server as you, you can travel to them by accessing your map and clicking on their name. Because Fallout 76 users spend hours on the same server, it’s important to start up a quick conversation with other players you meet and add each other as friends.

Many experienced players avoid making new acquaintances while traveling because it appears to be a waste of time at the time, but the possibility of several fast travel markers outweighs what you’re currently completing.

You can also join your new friend’s server and fast travel with them during another play session, and if they have more friends on that server, it’s much more handy. But be cautious about who you add; every now and then, you’ll come across a naughty player who isn’t worth adding as a friend. You’ll also meet a lot of wonderful Wastelanders when chatting with other gamers, so it’s a win-win situation.

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2. Collecting plastic items at high school buildings is an easy way to accumulate a large amount of plastic.

Both Watoga and Morgantown have abandoned high school buildings that are excellent for gathering plastic objects.

Plastic pumpkins, plastic forks, and plastic plates are a handful of the many objects found at secondary schools. Each high school building contains about 100 pieces of plastic, but if you’re not looking for plastic, it’s easy to overlook this plenty. Early in a new game, high schools are an especially important supply of plastic.

3. When You Need To Get Out Of An Emoticon, Use Photo Mode.

Using emoticons in photo mode

One easy but beneficial trick is to opt out of emotes that you do not wish to do. If you’ve begun an emote, you can stop it by activating photo mode and then deactivating it.

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You may start an emote that you don’t want to finish or click on an emote, thus knowing about this photo mode trick might help you save time.

4. Find Legendary Enemies With The Deluxe Camera.

If you defeat a legendary foe but can’t discover their body on the ground, you may be disappointed because you put in all the effort for no reward.

there is a simple solution to this problem: use your camera to seek out the renowned enemy’s body on the ground. This tip does not need Photo mode; instead, you must have the ProSnap Deluxe Camera item in your inventory.

5. The Fountain at Whitespring Golf Club Can Heal Your Illnesses.

Illness curing spring in fallout 76

A water fountain outside the Whitespring Golf Club facility can cure all your ailments. Diseases are widespread in Fallout 76 because it is a survival game, so understanding this important aspect is something that every Wastelander should be familiar with.

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To use the water fountain, walk to the outside of the Whitespring Golf Club building; there are no more stairs or restrictions.

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