Fallout 76: 5 Tricks Even Pro Players Aren’t Using

Did you realize you could use your camera as a weapon? That is only one of many Fallout 76 features that even experienced gamers may be unaware of.

Fallout 76, like other survival games, is replete with shortcuts and strategies that most players would not discover on their own. The best spots to find specific things, perks to use while crafting, and unique uses of the camera item are all crucial hints that even if you’ve played Fallout 76 for hundreds of hours, you may not be aware of.

Every wastelander in this post-apocalyptic game should be aware of the survival tips required, especially since some of the following are passive and need no extra work.

1. While equipped with the Scrounger Perk, you can find Fusion Cores in ammo boxes.

Stealing a fusion core in fallout 76

If you carry the Scrounger perk, you will have a chance to locate a fusion core every time you open an ammo box while exploring. For fusion cores are the fuel that determines power armor ability, so you’ll need a lot of them if you plan on using power armor for a specific build.

Because ammo boxes can be found everywhere around the Wasteland, following this advice will net you a lot of fusion cores in the long run.

2. Get a large number of screws and other materials by collecting desk fans from Sugar Grove.

In Fallout 76, you can locate screws and other forms of building materials in a variety of locales. Sugar Grove is one of the nicest of these spots, with hundreds of vintage globes and desk fans to scrap for a variety of rare materials.

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If you need screws, there aren’t many places better to farm them than Sugar Grove. There are also a lot of clipboards here that grant springs when scrapped. Sugar Grove may be found east of Missile Silo Alpha.

3. Crops and plants consume a large part of a settlement’s resource meter.

Pioneer scouts of america sign

Despite crops being a lightweight item, they take up a lot of space in your settlement’s resource meter, and this is especially true when you have an entire farm under your control. Building plants is a great idea for food. But, you may need to limit the number of crops you build if you plan on creating a lot of other items.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to ignore how much of your resource greatest limit is taken up by crops, so if you’re not attentive, you may end up building more crops than you need.

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4. Equip the “Super Duper” and “Ammosmith” perks before crafting ammunition.

Making ammo is a wonderful way to get more ammunition for your guns, especially if you use uncommon ammo. But, you should not make any ammo until you have both the Super Duper and the Ammosmith perk loaded.

The Super Duper perk gives you a 30% chance of making twice as many items at its third tier, while the Ammosmith perk gives you an 80% increase in ammo manufactured at its ultimate rank. Both of these benefits can be combined to provide most ammo during crafting, which is crucial because ammo crafting requires a lot of rare materials.

5. Carry Only A Small Amount Of Gunpowder

Map of gunpowder spots

Each 1,000 pounds of gunpowder weighs 50 pounds, which is a lot when you consider how much you could need to make specific products and weapon ammo. You might not know how much room your gunpowder is taking up in your inventory, but it’s preferable not to carry it at all.

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Instead of carrying gunpowder, take cloth and acid in plenty, as these are the two materials required to make gunpowder. Both of these materials are lighter than gunpowder, yet making 15 pieces of gunpowder requires only five pieces of fabric and three acids.

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