Dragon’s Dogma: A Guide to Dark Arisen Victory

Capcom’s RPG classic, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, has recently been released for the Nintendo Switch platform. Since its first release in 2012, Dragon’s Dogma has developed a devoted fan base. Having the game available on the Switch has brought in a slew of new, enthusiastic gamers for Capcom. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of our five favorite suggestions for novice Dragon’s Dogma players.

1. Upgrade your tools.

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Choosing the right professions and customizing your pawn are critical if you want to get better in battle in Dragon’s Dogma. As a result, your weaponry will have the greatest impact on your battle effectiveness. As a result, upgrading your equipment is critical.

You can upgrade any item of equipment, save for jewelry. As indicated by the star symbols above, each of these items of treasure can be improved a total of three times.

You’ll need to find a local merchant to improve your equipment. Some retailers will upgrade your gear for a fee. You’ll have to pay a fee for the initial upgrade of a piece of equipment. Further improvements will need the use of extra resources.

Invest all your resources in improving your weapons. This is a great technique to improve your fighting skills. Loot drops rarely contain weapons of exceptional quality, but armor is a different story. Consider storing resources earmarked for armor upgrades until you can buy a solid three-star upgrade until you find the perfect piece of armor.

2. Activate this priceless trick.

The next step in the game is to go to the south of Gran Soren and enter the Shadowfort. You may expect a long and difficult journey as a first-timer. You’ll have to go back and forth between the Capitol and the Shadowfort at some point. Because of this, there is an answer. Even better, you’ll be able to contact a vendor who can assist you by using the shortcut.

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At least level 25 is required to finish this journey. To begin, head west of Gran Soren and head toward the coast. You’ll come upon a merchant who’s been waiting outside a quarry. The merchant will instruct you to clear the quarry of monsters to open a route to South Gransys if you speak to him.

If you’re at least level 25, clearing the quarry should be doable. Merchants can begin selling their precious items once the quarry has been cleaned up. You will now be able to access the Shadowfort much more quickly. On the map above, the historic quarry may be seen.

3. Pay attention to who is in your party.

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Even though your gear is one of the best ways to improve your combat skills, the people in your party are still an important part of combat. You get your own pawn to build and level up as you play Dragon’s Dogma. You can, but you need to get two more pawns from other players and add them to your party.

play world of tanks

Since your extra pawns came from other players, they are already built and don’t level up when they fight with you. Because of this, you’ll want to think about it when choosing your other pawns.

You should have at least one mage with healing skills in your group. The safest choice is to have two of these mages in your group and at least one character who is good at melee. You’ll need people who can heal you and the rest of your party, as well as someone who can draw aggro away from the weaker members of your party.

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Since your extra pawns won’t level up with you, you should switch them out often. After that, it will take you some time and trial and error to figure out how to put together the best team for you.

4. Go to a spring and get some water.

Healing takes a little more work in Dragon’s Dogma than in some other games. There are spells that can heal in the game. But these spells might not be enough to keep your group going in tough battles. Because of this, you will need high-quality supplies. To do this, you’ll need to collect some spring water.

In Dragons’ Dogma, spring water is a consumable item that heals each member of your party for 330 hit points. With four people in your party, a single use of the consumable can heal up to 1,320 hit points for the whole group. So, this item has become a favorite among players who have been playing for a long time.

Before you can collect spring water, you need a lot of empty flasks. At Aestella’s place near the entrance fountain in Gran Soren, you can buy empty flasks for 20 gold each. The next step is to find a healing spring.

There are three different places in the game where you can get healed. A healing spring is north of Conqueror’s Sanctuary, northwest of The Blighted Mase, and northwest of Gran Soren.

Place a crystal at the healing spring of your choice to make the trip back and forth less of a chore. So, you won’t have to walk the whole distance every time. You can also make a lot of money by selling the spring water flasks. Last but not least, don’t forget to give some of the spring water flasks to your pawns. When the party’s health is getting low, they will use the flasks.

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5. How to make any character fall in love with you.

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In Dragon’s Dogma, a character’s affinity for the player character is shown by how friendly or fond they are of them. Even though affinity doesn’t affect how well you fight or anything like that, many players will be interested in how the affinity system works. To help you do that, here are some tips on how to make a character like you more.

As the game goes on, a character’s feelings toward the player character will change. Giving a character a lot of gifts is the easiest way to make them like you more. Even talking to a character raises your affinity by a small amount.

To improve your relationship with someone, you’ll need to do quests for that person. But you can also make your relationship with another character worse.

A character is less likely to like you if you draw your weapon in public, grab people, run into people, and do other nasty things. You can buy an item to ensure that a character’s affinity increases. That being said, it will need some effort.

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