Dead by Daylight: 5 Helpful Tips

A split screen of a player running and a flashlight highlight the hunter in Dead by Daylight

Use these hints and techniques to assist in escaping the killer’s grasp.

Looping is the most important skill for survivors in Dead by Daylight. The key to succeeding in each trial is to make the most of the surroundings. Pallets, vaults, and long walls all assist survivors in getting away from the killer and avoiding being hit. But, these resources must be used by survivors or they will run out and present significant obstacles. While stealth works, it is not always a reliable tactic. Pallets are essential survival items, so running out of them puts the entire survivor team in a difficult situation.

Looping can be intimidating for some survivors because it’s so important. Although it may seem difficult, even a new player can learn how to loop the killer in Dead by Daylight with some practice. These suggestions will help survivors loop the killer more successfully.

1. Use pallets carefully

A screenshot of a blocked off doorway

Pallets are scarce on the map, so if survivors want to live, they must make good use of them. Pallets can only be used once, so running out of them leaves players without any reliable ways to deal with the killer, which is an easy recipe for disaster. Beginners make the error of dropping pallets as soon as the killer approaches them, but this strategy is short-lived.

In a chase that isn’t particularly crucial, if one survivor drops several valuable pallets, those pallets won’t be usable in later chases. This could endanger the player or other team survivors. Before dropping the pallet, survivors should run as many times as they can around a loop while making good use of the resources at their disposal.

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2. Recognize vaults

The POV of the hunter as the person you hunt is jumping out of a window to escape in Dead by Daylight

A survivor in Dead by Daylight has three different window-jumping speeds: slow, rushed, and fast. Survivors need to be aware of these vault speeds to be successful in a pursuit. You can complete slow vaults while walking rather than running. Survivors can use them to try to flee and fool the murderer about their whereabouts, but this is a risky course of action. But Survivors should generally avoid slow vaults in chase.

While still faster than killer vaults, hurried or medium vaults happen when a survivor approaches a window while running but doesn’t vault it at the proper angle. But, if the killer is close enough, they will still be able to hit the survivor. The last type of escape involves fast vaults, which happen when a running survivor leaps through a window at an angle to gain the most speed and separation from the murderer.

3. Use tough tiles

A still shot of a red porta-potty with a crate a few feet to it's right and a fire burning in a barrel in the background

You can find stronger pallets in some places. Pallets come in two varieties: safe and unsafe. Safe pallets create a safe loop when dropped, preventing the killer from earning the hit if the survivor loops the pallet . Short walls on both sides of unsafe pallets make it simple for the killer to swerve and strike the survivor from any angle.

To begin with, survivors should concentrate on looping safe pallets, giving themselves as much time as possible to loop the killer before dropping the pallet. When a player already has two hooks, for example, using weaker tiles at crucial moments could be fatal.

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4. Recognize The Killer’s Techniques

A hunter with an assassins creed blade as well as a pig mask about to stab a player

Skilled killers will try to avoid each loop using a variety of tricks, so survivors must be aware of these tactics and be able to counter them. If a killer’s red stain disappears, the survivor should assume they may have changed directions and turn towards them. For example, a killer may try to conceal their red stain. Killers can also moonwalk to make survivors uncertain of their direction of travel.

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Some killers even have abilities that aid them in pursuit, enabling them to better manipulate survivors’ minds. Both Ghost Face and The Pig have the ability to crouch, and The Pig can ambush through small gaps. Survivors should make sure they keep an eye on the killer, looking behind themselves to avoid letting the killer catch them in a bad position around a loop.

5. Use the benefits wisely

The running perk icon

There are several survivor perks that aid in chasing, so survivors should equip the ones that best suit their playstyle. Meg Thomas’ Quick and Quiet, which enables the survivor to fast vault without inducing a loud noise notification, might appeal to those who enjoy giving the killer the benefit of the doubt.

The benefits that increase exhaustion are most beneficial during a chase. They each have a 60-second cooldown, but each one is a different game-changer. A wounded survivor in David King’s Dead Hard has the choice to advance, delaying the killer’s fatal blow and giving the survivor time to find a few other containers. In contrast to Meg Thomas’s Sprint Burst, which gives the player a speed boost when they start sprinting, Feng Min’s Lithe gives the player a speed boost when they hop from a window.

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