Cut the Rope: Time Travel Review

Hoping to expand upon the successes of the very first two games, Cut the Rope: Time Travel takes its protagonist little green monster Om Nom on a tour of the historical ages.

Retaining exactly the same gameplay that made Cut the Rope and Cut the Rope: Experiments so addictively entertaining, can the latest installment in the series keep players interested?

Cut the Rope: Time Travel retains exactly the same simple yet challenging gameplay of its forerunners, asking you to supply candy to Om Nom by cutting various ropes and overcoming puzzles. This way, the latest game borrows many features from its previous installments, but introduces an additional monster to feed, and therefore additional candy to maneuver.

The duo of monsters will mean that you might want to carefully plan how to feed the pair, utilising many multitasking gestures, simultaneously cutting ropes and pushing buttons.

Occurring across six time periods, Cut the Rope: Time Travel offers levels from the Middle Ages to the Stone Age, stopping in Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt as you go along too to go to Om Nom’s ancestors.

Each period of time adds increasingly complex new gameplay mechanics like bombs, portals, and the ability to freeze time and employ movement mimickers to make the levels progress and enhance the intricacy. These coupled with the old mechanics definitely make the overall game feel fresh and revitalized.

However, despite the newest additions, anyone familiar with Cut the Rope will begin to become used to the supposedly increased difficulty. The 90 new levels may be overcome quickly, with three star scores fairly easily achievable. In reality, most of the new levels may be completed within a minute, with little greater than a head scratch of frustration.

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With each new period of time, Cut the Rope: Time Travel introduces a brand new Om Nom ancestor. The game look identical to the very first two games so can be as visually appealing and well animated as originally presented.

Despite the newest characters though, most of the Om Nom varieties behave in exactly the same method to the original little green monster. They’re adorable and look nice, but bring no change to the gameplay, which is a little disappointing.

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The back ground music doesn’t seem dissimilar to the original two games, only adding a culturally different tone the memorable original soundtrack for every level. The sound effects are endearing, especially together monster will fall asleep after you’ve treated it to its favorite candy, sure to appeal to Om Nom fans of all ages.

Maintaining some of the greatest areas of the original two games, Cut the Rope: Time Travel’s new range of features makes it a pleasurable addition to the series. However, it won’t take adults long to complete because of its low level of complexity, but children will relish the colorful animations and gameplay features. Definitely worth playing, but don’t expect it to keep you amused for too long.

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