5 simple steps to unlock Gains Boros in Vampire Survivors

If you’re anything like me, you want to get your Gains Boros experiments started as soon as possible.

What is Gains Boros, you may be thinking if you’re new to vampire survivors?

What is Gains Boros?

Gains Boros is a Secret Dragon Shrimp Character in Vampire Survivors.

Gains Boros, close-up, 2022

In fact, one of the most powerful hidden playable characters in Vampire Survivors is Gains Boros.

Heaven Sword is the weapon it starts with.

What is the Heaven Sword that Gains Boros starts with?

The nearest adversary is hit by a sword projectile when using Heaven Sword, and like Cross, it spins and boomerangs in the opposite way until it exits the screen.

Its Base Damage more than doubles, while its Projectile Speed is quadruple that of Cross.

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To make up for the loss in Amount and Pool Limit and the increase in Cooldown, it adds a significant amount of knockback to force foes back.

It has the ability to deal critical hits by default, which do 2.5x damage and have a 10% probability of happening. Luck has an impact on this probability.

So you can see straight away that employing Gains Boros has a huge advantage over other strategies: starting with an improved weapon.

How to unlock Gains Boros

In The Bone Zone, proceed straight north of spawn.

Continue by moving beyond the Silver Ring item.

You will locate a ring of flowers that heals the player by 8 every 0.5 seconds.

For 10 seconds, remain inside the ring until a jingle is played and the flower ring vanishes.

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Gains Boros will then be available in the character store for 666 gold, with prices increasing as more characters are bought.

Check out this short 3 minute video to see exactly how it works:

4 Tips for Using the Heaven Sword effectively

  • By default, Heaven Sword has a critical damage capability. You are more likely to deal critical hits if you have greater Luck. Clover, Little Clovers, or the Luck PowerUp can all boost your luck.
  • When originally hurled, the Heaven Sword travels significantly farther than the Cross; it frequently flies off the screen before returning with a bang. Ensure that it pierces through as many foes as it can on the way back, it is still the most effective when there are numerous adversaries around.
  • The weapon’s automated aiming capability is both a blessing and a disadvantage. The nearest enemy may not always be the one you’re intending to strike, but it does relieve you of the mental burden of aiming.
  • Due to its far higher projectile speed than the Cross, it will benefit tremendously from Bracer and Speed PowerUp boosts. Given that you want the missiles to remain on screen for as long as possible, this might not be advantageous.

Now that you’ve unlocked Gains Boros and you know how to use the Heaven Sword effectively, who is your favorite character from Vampire Survivors?

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