5 Ark: Survival Evolved Pro Tips You Should Know

1. Use Tame Groups

Using tame groups to manage and control creatures is the most important tip that many players are unaware of. In this open world, it’s possible to classify the creatures into different groups. Then, this group responds to the special whistles that belong to that group.

Then, players can form teams of creatures to complete tasks. A player might have a Tame Group of Raptors guarding a Doedicurus as it gathers stone, for instance. Or a pack of wolves could attack a region, killing every animal in its path. Then, after calling them back, the player can dispatch Hyenadons to collect all the meat. The future gameplay of the game will be changed by how you use and arrange Tame Groups.

2. Make several different gear sets

Although Ark: Survival Evolved is a fun game, it can be very challenging, especially when venturing into unfamiliar territory. Players will need to leave their comfort zone to collect new materials or locate and tame new dinosaurs. The game becomes quite tense during these times. No matter how well-prepared a player is, navigating Ark: Survival Evolved can be challenging, especially with other players lurking around every corner or strong creatures concealed and waiting to pounce.

Players should always craft a set of gear to keep in a chest at their base as a general rule. Regardless of how well-prepared a player is, it is always possible that they will die while on their adventure away from their base. Players can recover if the worst occurs by having backup equipment on hand.

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3. Give systems time to improve

By this point, it should be clear that the player has a ton of work to do in this game, with time being the biggest challenge. Players should divide some time during longer play sessions to consider how they can get better at what they do.

This advice will help you enjoy Ark more and have more time for other activities. Players will have more time for other activities if they can find a faster way to gather berries, such as by using a Brontosaurus to gather and a Stegosaurus to carry it all. There is always a faster, more effective, or more original way to complete a task, and discovering it saves a ton of time. Keep in mind that automation is supreme.

4. All Things Can Be Tamed

In this game, almost every creature is perfect for a specific purpose. Ickthyosaurus, for instance, is excellent for swift water travel and ocean exploration, Quetzals are useful as flying bases and carriers of large quantities of resources, and Doedicurus are excellent for collecting obsidian. Every action the player can take, a creature out there can take more.

Additionally, players will have to learn how to tame weaker creatures to get the ingredients necessary to prepare kibble for stronger ones. Players should prepare themselves for the protracted grind necessary to master all the game’s monsters by doing so.

5. Place defenses first.

Many video games instruct players to put offense before defense. While it works in other games, in Ark it is a disadvantage. It’s crucial to have the appropriate defenses in place whether you’re leading a group of dinosaurs to gather resources or smelting at a base.

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This entails the use of defenses such as walls, traps, turrets, and defending dinosaurs. In the open world, there are a lot of players and roving dinosaurs that can ruin your day. It’s critical to have several levels of security to serve as a deterrent and give you a chance.

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