35 Things You Need To Know If You’re Just Starting Destiny 2

Here are some helpful pointers for New Lights beginning their quests in Destiny 2 because it is a vast game and doesn’t always do a great job of guiding its players. Destiny 2 appears to have a lot of enduring power.

The significant expansion each year has been a hit with both current and potential customers. The game is constantly evolving and supports an impressive lineup of platforms, including Xbox and Stadia. This means that players will join in from all gaming niches, so here are some tips for newcomers to be aware of.

As Destiny 2 shifted into a more MMO-like formula in 2019, Bungie began to restructure the game with Shadowkeep. The shift to a free-to-play model and the move of the PC community to Steam are likely the two most significant changes that have taken place. Thanks to cross-save, players can now switch between platforms without losing their progress, and later this year, cross-play will enable them to play with other platforms.

Glimmer Management

The primary unit of exchange in Destiny and the basis of the majority of in-game transactions is glimmer. It can be obtained from almost any endeavor or activity and is intended to be used frequently in proportion to how often it is earned. Players won’t have much reason to stockpile Glimmer because there is a 250k cap in any case.

Therefore, it is advisable to keep aside around 20k Glimmer in case players discover something to purchase, but think about using the remaining Glimmer to buy materials, complete bounties, or upgrade gear. In times of need, players can either use a Rainmaker buff, which boosts Glimmer gains for four hours, or visit the Spider in the Tangled Shore for a quick boost. Alternately, for a sharp increase in Glimmer acquisition, Guardians can equip a Glimmer Booster mod in their Ghost.

Remember to Use Armor Mods

Players should consider armor mods and armor upgrades when spending Glimmer. They are simple to overlook but currently play a significant role in Destiny. Guardians can increase their Energy by upgrading their armor with Glimmer and Legendary Shards, enabling them to use a variety of more potent armor mods. When first starting out, it is not advised to upgrade every piece of armor acquired or even to maximize the Energy of a single armor piece. However, if players find armor pieces they like, they should upgrade them as soon as possible, if not significantly.

Wearing a piece of armor that is merely a shell is typically wasteful and prevents the player from getting the most enjoyment out of their playstyle. It’s a good idea to aim for 7 or 8 Energy armor upgrades because they only require common resources and allow for the majority of mod configurations. Players can choose to upgrade a piece to 10 Energy if they really want to keep it, but doing so costs precious resources like Ascendant Shards and Enhancement Prisms. Players should pause before investing in these sought-after materials because taking apart fully upgraded armor doesn’t return nearly the amount of resources invested.

Adieu, Plain Blues

Players should examine legendary armor, but they shouldn’t give blue rarity weapons and armor much consideration. Commonly referred to as “blues,” these are produced in large quantities by a variety of activities and are best used to give older pieces of equipment a higher Power Level or to be disassembled. The ineffectiveness of blue gear is the cause.

Blue armor has significantly fewer mod slots and blue weapons have fewer and weaker perks. Furthermore, if players really want to, they can always buy these back from Collections for a small fee.

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Addicts of fashion and collecting

Speaking of the Collections, it is a sizable album that contains all of the player’s loot. Almost everything, with the exception of legendary weapons and armor pieces that are randomly rolled, can be reclaimed from Collections if the player decides to delete them. However, Shaders, Sparrows, Emblems, and everything in between are securely kept in Collections, allowing players to, for example, equip their preferred sparrow on all characters. Players can always check a specific loot item in their Collections to see if it can be re-obtained if they are concerned about deleting it.

Regarding style, players who only keep armor pieces for aesthetic purposes can safely delete them because Bungie will let them take any armor’s look from Collections and apply it to any legendary armor. In other words, Destiny 2 will feature transmogrification by 2021. Be forewarned, though, as the resources required for this process are currently unknown.

Remote entry

Using the Destiny Companion App, players can now purchase bounties from any vendor while in orbit. This is excellent because it eliminates the need to load up the Tower and visit each vendor one at a time. Players can move weapons, armor, and other items between characters within the same app, avoiding repeated trips to the Vault (which is shared between all player characters). Without even logging into the game, players can use the Destiny Companion App to see which bounties or quests their characters have completed that week or to check the remaining time on timed quests.

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Seasonal Rather Than Annual

Bungie made it so the majority of seasonal content is available all year long. Players shouldn’t feel pressured to complete their primary objectives quickly during a given season. While not everything endures, exotic quests and Wrathborn Hunts from the most recent season will. Players can accomplish two goals at once by logging in later in the year and making progress in both seasons’ worth of content.

Advancement Through Your Favorite Activities

The use of “Powerful Gear” is how the endgame is progressed. These are weekly challenges and rewards from merchants that give out gear that is more powerful than the player on average. But once a character’s Power Level reaches the game’s soft cap of Beyond Light, which is 1200, players can begin dropping powerful loot by merely engaging in the game’s main activities.

These are the ritual playlists, which also include some seasonal activities, such as the Crucible, Gambit, and Strikes. This has no cap, so if players enjoy a particular activity a lot, they can participate in it as frequently as they like each week and occasionally gain more Power.

Think of Clans

Every member of an active Clan receives a greater number of pieces of powerful treasure each week just for being a part of the Clan. Players are automatically qualified for these awards regardless of whether or not they take part in the event.

All members of the Clan are rewarded with treasure as long as at least part of the members have completed the weekly Clan goals. Simply by checking in with Hawthorne at the Tower at the end of each week, players have the opportunity to earn up to five pieces of powerful gear, some of which also have a chance to be randomly upgraded into exotics.

Pools of Evening Wealth

This is significant when thinking about the Forsaken and Shadowkeep add-ons to the game. These expansions may be purchased in addition to Beyond Light, but they no longer drop useful equipment. While Forsaken and Shadowkeep items outside of Raids and exotics may still be utilized, they cannot be infused to the current Power Levels. Therefore, their usefulness in combat is restricted.

For instance, although Nightfall Strikes have considerably stricter Power Level requirements, the casual Crucible playlists eliminate Power benefits and let players to employ whatever they choose.

It is not necessary to conduct campaigns at all times

After conventional levels was removed, numerous activities in Destiny were no longer locked out of player reach. There is no need for campaign leveling in order to unlock later content or complete certain tasks. When it comes to secondary characters, gamers won’t be required to replay last year’s plot material before diving into the current season.

Campaigns may, however, sometimes unlock additional paths for players to explore, such as unusual tasks or subclass branches. Also, fans may compete without having to follow different characters. Having many characters is mostly for variety or to increase the odds of finding a particular item, since almost every quest can be finished effectively with a single character.

Put On A Different Spotlight

I used to advise new players to immediately purchase all of Destiny 2’s expansions, but with so many different versions and add-ons available, doing so may quickly become prohibitively costly. So, if you’ve never played before, I highly suggest giving the New Light version a go.

This demo should be sufficient to determine whether or not the full game would be to your liking. In such case, the Beyond Light add-on is available to you. Get the Witch Queen add-on if you like it so much. You won’t feel completely out of the loop while enjoying some of the greatest material available right now. Additional add-ons are always available for purchase, within reason.

The Titan Way to Go

Choosing a class was the most difficult choice I had before beginning the game. Of course, I also realize that this is a tough choice for the vast majority of gamers. Titan, despite his svelte appearance, possesses superior statistics. Nonetheless, Hunter and Warlock seem to be really badass. This is why Hunter is the most popular class.

That I chose Titan is a decision I don’t regret. Titan has super-awesome skills. One of them allows you to swing a hammer like Thor’s at your foes. There’s also a button that makes you look like Captain America. Titan is the best choice for a first playthrough. It’s a ton of fun and essential to making it through the campaign tasks. New characters may be created later on, although completing the game’s plot objectives again will be required.

Weapons Can Be Constructed

You may now craft weapons in the forge with special abilities if you have the Witch Queen add-on. The Glaive, one of the first weapons you may craft, is a formidable and entertaining option. It imparts a sense of samurai majesty. Not that it has any bearing on your ability to enjoy the game, but I thought you may want to know about this neat addition.

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You must finish the campaign.

Destiny 2 lets you bypass the story missions and go right to the endgame when you create a new character. Avoid doing this if it’s your first time playing. Complete the campaign once, all the way through. The game’s campaign is its strongest suit. Do it; you won’t be sorry.

Extra Sub-Classes Exist

Each class has its own set of distinct advantages. There is just one skill available at the beginning of the game. Sub-classes are a term used to describe these types of skills. Additional subclasses become available as you advance in the game. You’ll be able to learn every ability and choose the one that works best for your play style.

Assault Methods Vary According To The Opponent

There are four different weapon classes in the game, each one more effective against certain types of foes. If you want to defeat adversaries quickly and efficiently, you need have at least one of each sort of damage available.

  • Arc Damage: Does arc damage. Best for enemies with blue shields.
  • Void Damage: Does void damage. Best for enemies with purple shields.
  • Solar Damage: Does solar damage. Best for enemies with orange shields.
  • Kinetic Damage: This the default damage type that does physical damage. Best for enemies without shields

Get in the Discord!

  • There is a sizable and devoted global player base for Destiny 2. Getting lost in Destiny 2? Joining a Discord channel is a wonderful way to reach out to other players and receive some assistance. The player community of Strikes and Public Events may be found and teamed up with via the usage of the Discord server.
  • Public Discord: https://discord.com/invite/d2

Try Out A Friendly Clan For Newbies

Clans play a significant role in Destiny 2 as well. The advantages of being part of a clan are many. You shouldn’t join a clan until you’ve reached level 30, however. The Destiny community is home to both competitive and social groups. Determine who welcomes newcomers. If you want to join a clan in Destiny 2, you should look for one in the game’s subreddit or in the Discord channels.

Make a Smart Decision When Choosing Your Protection.

Various kinds of armor in Destiny 2 have different abilities. Do not concern yourself with statistics too much early in the game. Put on any armor you choose that makes you stronger. You will find better armor of varying stat bonuses as your character levels up.

If any of them improve your play style, go ahead and choose them out. Take a Resilience build if you want to play a tank. Pick for some armor with a high Mobility rating if you value mobility. If you keep dying, you might also try a Recovery build.

How To Get The Best Equipment

To get better loot in Destiny 2 is its own game. Just completing the major campaign tasks won’t get you the best gear — you’ll need to complete other things as well.

  • Carry out assignments and collect bounties on a daily and weekly basis
  • Use the Vanguards to elevate your status.
  • Do public events
  • Complete Strikes

In order to advance in the campaign and finish its more challenging tasks, doing these actions will increase your rank and get you access to better equipment. However, this is a concern for later in the game.

Carry out Daily Bounties

Daily bounties are obtained by Vanguards or individuals on each planet, such as Eris Morn. Completing these tasks will provide you particular resources and equipment, which you may exchange for engrams with the Vanguards. This is one of the quickest methods to get the greatest equipment.

Take Caution With What You Destroy

You’ll have access to a storage facility known as the Vault in the Tower. You may keep the greatest products by storing them here. If you have another character, you may also transfer superior gear to that character through the Vault. Destroy the things in grey, green, and blue.

However, preserve your strong gear with higher stats. Later in the game, you may upgrade them to boost their power levels.

Levels of Power

Your Power Level serves as your character level in Destiny 2. So your ultimate objective would be to achieve the current Power Level ceiling in order to finish the game’s competitive activities. To increase your Power Level, you must equip more powerful weapons and gear.

Better gear may be obtained through completing activities, objectives, and just playing the game.

Before beginning missions, check your power levels.

Each campaign objective in the game suggests a different power level. For example, if a quest specifies a power level of 1300, you need level your character to at least 1320 before embarking on that assignment. Otherwise, you risk dying several times.

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With Public Events, you may quickly level up.

Taking part in public activities with strangers or friends is the quickest method to advance in the game, at least until you reach the conclusion. Public events will also reward you with greater treasure and gear.

Enemies Have a Weakness

Every adversary in the game has a vulnerability. Vex, for example, has a light item in their belly that, when struck, slows down the attacker. Examine each foe to determine their weak point. Because in Destiny 2, gunning for headshots isn’t always the greatest choice.

You are not required to look like anything but a sci-fi murder hobo.

When you start a new game with a random team or arrive on The Tower, you’ll be surrounded by other high-level players wearing amazing gear. Don’t be tempted to purchase microtransactions or begin assembling an armor set just yet.

You’re still at the beginning phases. Concentrate on completing the campaign and reaching the level cap (as of 2022, level soft-cap is at 1500). Then you may consider making a gear set.

Unlock Your Engrams Immediately

One of the greatest errors I made when playing through the narrative missions was saving the engrams in the hope that they might be useful later in the game. Engrams, it turns out, only offer you goods with the same power level as you were when you obtained them.

For example, if you scored an engram at power level 200 and open it at power level 300, you’ll still earn 200 power level things. So, please do yourself a favor and open those engrams as soon as you get them.

Begin gathering resources on the first day.

Every planet you visit will have some kind of resource laying about, such as the Dusklight Shards in the EDZ. You may exchange them for prizes. Begin collecting them from level 1.

Don’t Be Concerned About Crucible & Gambit

Don’t even consider PVP until you’ve reached level 50 and have some stronger weapons. You’ll be annihilated. So please be patient. Increase your level. Finish the adventures and campaign.

No Need to Get Modified or Infused Just Yet

Mods may be used to increase the effectiveness of weapons and armor in Destiny 2. By adding the might of another weapon to your arsenal, you may increase the effectiveness of your current arsenal.

However, you shouldn’t squander time or money early on by infusing or altering weapons. Do not begin modding or infusing unless your power level is at least 1500.

To Reclaim Lost Items From Your Collection

Have you accidentally ruined a valuable piece of equipment? You can get it back from your archive, so don’t fret. If you can gather the necessary supplies, you can obtain that fantastic sniper again.

Xur and Weekly Resets

Every week on Tuesday, the in-game tasks, bounties, and challenges are reset. Don’t forget to turn in your weekly assignments on time. You should also be on the lookout for Xur. He appears every weekend in an unexpected place, much like a seller at a flea market.

If you want to know where he is, look him up on Discord or Reddit. Xur sells various unique exotics at reasonable prices.

Get Arms Together

The ability to craft weapons in Destiny 2’s forge is a new feature. If you want to use this function, you must purchase the Witchqueen add-on. Through this feature, players may design their own weapons and give them unique characteristics in-game.

Raids and Dungeons

Destiny 2’s ultimate challenge is to complete its dungeons and raids. In order to continue farming for better gear and treasure if you’re not into PVP battles in the Crucible, you may perform Dungeons and Raids instead. I also advise not diving headfirst into Raids.

If you want to do Raids, your best bet is to join a clan or look on Discord for like-minded players. In any case, it’s a great addition to the game that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Do Not Forget to Enjoy Yourself!

Overall, Destiny 2 may seem overwhelming at first. But, if you take it slow and enjoy the ride, you’ll see how fun this game really is.

So whether you’re playing with a friend or playing solo, remember to relax and have fun. If it feels like too much, take a break to avoid burnout. Play a different game. And then get back to Destiny 2 later.

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