23 Apex Legends Tips to survive 2022

With these 23 tips, you can play Apex Legends like a pro and go from Wattson to the top!

1. Take advantage of your abilities

ability screen for wraith in apex legends

It’s simple to become overly preoccupied on shooting and completely lose sight of your other skills. Make it a practice to use your ability at least once every battle to determine where it is most useful.

Try to help the squad with tactics more than simply guns, whether it’s a scan, smoke, heal, grapple, or dome.

2. Review the Training Area

After finishing the tutorial, you can return to the firing range to practice using all of the game’s equipment. Without having to worry about incoming gunfire, you can easily switch between each character and get a sense of how they play here.

3. Discover the Legends

legend selection screen with ash selected in apex legends

The secret to assembling a strong squad is to be aware of each Legend’s skills and, more crucially, how they work together since you can’t always play as the legend that you’ve practiced with the most.

4. Make sure your crouch button is set up right

In Apex Legends, movement is essential, thus one way to make it simpler on yourself is to think about swapping up your controller configuration early on.

The “Button Puncher” controller layout, which switches between crouch and melee, is a popular configuration. The right analog stick may now be used to duck and slide, allowing you to move without ever taking your hand off the directional controls.

5. Take an early drop

Even while it might not seem like the most secure strategy, there are many benefits to getting in on the ground floor when things are just getting started, especially for beginners.

Not only will it offer you more experience with gunplay and quick thinking, but it will also provide you the chance to acquire stronger armor and weaponry more rapidly!

6. Or go for slower-paced late drops

dropping in in apex legends

Alternately, choose a more remote area of the map away from the dropship’s route if you’re hoping for a little slower start to the game and the opportunity to loot in relative quiet.

play world of tanks

And keep in mind that the secret to traveling long is to swan dive for the greatest distance!

7. Swapping weapons instead of reloading

It is nearly always quicker to switch to your second weapon when you are face to face with an attacker than to dance around while your gun reloads.

When your adversary has already switched to their secondary weapon and is Swiss-cheesing you with bullets, even the best aim in the world won’t matter.

8. Long-range conflict is tricky

It might be challenging to confront adversaries who are on the horizon, so try to give yourself every edge possible before the battle.

High Ground GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY
It’s over, Wraith. I have the high ground.” –Gibraltar, 2022

The best position is always on the high ground. And if you can approach stealthily, call out a single foe to target with your fire.

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9. Communication skills are very important

squads squaring off in apex legends

In Apex Legends, being in touch with your squad during each battle is crucial, whether it is via voice chat or contextual ping.

There’s no assurance your buddies have noticed the enemy, even though you may have seen them and begun fire. They’ll receive a handy ping telling them which way to aim their weapons!

10. Time is of the essence

Try to get involved as soon as the winning team triumphs if you hear two squads nearby squaring off. Then, congratulate yourself by striking them as soon as they’re still wounded and mopping them up with a few simple bullets.

11. Leverage being able to change your Armor

UI showing how to armor swap in apex legends

In case you’re unfamiliar, armor swapping is exactly what it sounds like it is. You may frequently save your life by switching your armor during or after a battle for the one in a recently deceased enemy’s death box because it is now full.

You may and will frequently swap to a lower-quality shield since, in a fierce battle, having 50 or 75 armor on you is preferable than having none.

Five heart-pounding seconds are needed to pop a shield battery and restock your armor. On the other side, if you’re quick, stealing someone’s deathbox and their armor may be accomplished in less than a second. The advantage of having the entire squad back in the game, even if the new armor is worse.

12. Make a last push plan in the end-game

Hopefully, you’ve reached the match’s last few teams at this point. The important thing right now is to decide where you want to make your last stand.

Examine your tiny map and utilize your contextual ping to determine the safest areas. You may also anticipate where the remaining teams will be positioned once the last ring closes. The best time to reserve your ultimate powers is now.

Make it difficult for your foes to reach safety by raining down grenades, hazing the area with gas, and using other tactics.

13. Defeat your problems with punches in the end-game

Legend uppercutting legend in apex legends

The ring is so potent at this point that becoming trapped even for a little period of time might be disastrous. Your fists—the most powerful weapons you have—come into play now.

When a fighter is completely armored, a swift right punch or flying kick might send them flying beyond the ring.

14. Use the environment to be the Last Living Legend

Ring closing in on squad in apex legends

Be careful when near the ring! Here, becoming stuck inside a structure or behind a wall is one thing to avoid.

If that one person is on the winning side of the ring, you don’t need the biggest squad or the sexiest weapons—you just need them to be in the ring!

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15. Prepare yourself to carry and to use grenades

Many players tend to overstock on ammunition, medkits, syringes, shield cells, and shield batteries because they have a deep seated anxiety about either their healing or ammo.

Which is very human, and if you do, I don’t blame you. However, you must begin tackling your anxiousness, stockpiling grenades, losing some ammunition, and acquiring first aid supplies.

I assure you that you don’t require 12 syringes, 12 batteries, or 300+ light rounds. Either you’ll get it from the next squad you take out, or you’ll pass away before you ever get close to using all that up.

Set a rule for yourself: If your backpack doesn’t include at least one grenade, get rid of something else and get it.

16. Watch our for Fortified Legends and Low Profile Legends

showing fortified status icon on Gibraltar legend in apex legends

Low profile legends have hitboxes that are too small, which causes them to sustain 5 percent more damage than a typical legend takes from projectile sources. Wattson, Wraith, Lifeline, and Revenant used to be the names. Legends no longer take an additional 5% damage once this was removed from the game.

Due to their size, fortified legends suffer 15% less damage; Gibraltar and Caustic are presently affected by this rule. They not only sustain less damage, but they are also exempt from the little slowing effects that result from being shot. All legends have a slight slowed down after being shot, however Fortified do not.

17. Discover the right way to drop

Even though you already know this instinctively, it is still important to reiterate it. Depending on your level of expertise, it may even be necessary to educate you. In a Battle Royale game, it makes sense to want to get to the treasure as quickly as possible.

However, in order to achieve so, you must first choose a suitable spot and then fly as quickly as you can to it. You must always be moving at least 140 mph toward your drop-off spot in order to do that (speed can be found on the middle of your screen, vertical left bar). If the site is too narrow, though, going at a 45-degree angle will manage that.

18. Practice inventory control

This is somewhat of a follow-up to tip #1; in addition to having grenades, you should strive to avoid having two light weapons, two energy weapons, two light and heavy rifles, or even two light and heavy weapons with you.

They’ll consume a lot of your ammunition and your inventory. Aim to own weapon combos like rifle and shotgun.

19. Begin with a Simple Loadout

tier list of different weapons in apex legends

Despite the fact that the majority of weapons in Apex are usable, there are some exceptions, and they vary every patch or two with buffs and nerfs, so you’ll need to look up a weapon tier list online to keep track of that.

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But until you improve, you ought to continue with a rifle and shotgun combo. R301/Flatline/Havoc + Eva 8/Mastiff/Peacekeeper, as an illustration. Later, you can play with Wingman, Snipers, Bocek, or anything like, but your best bet is to use one of these three rifles plus one of the shotguns.

20. Never discard Ultimate Accelerants

example of an ultimate accelerant in apex legends

Use your accelerants instead of throwing them away if your legend has a strong ultimate and your ultimate is not charged. Carry one or two if you know you’ll use your ultimate soon and your ultimate is charged and you have a lot of space.

Experience is the key here, therefore my advice is to basically pay attention to accelerants.

21. Sliding, strafing, and sprinting without a weapon

These are all the foundational movement mechanics in Apex Legends; if you’re unsure of what they all represent, I recommend you look them up on YouTube. 

Each one of them, including sliding quickly and even slide shooting, has to be practiced. Whenever feasible, closing distances by running without a weapon, and strafing to avoid being shot during combat.

22. Make sure that you are using your Finishers at the right time

using your finisher in apex legends

Finishers will entirely recharge your shield if they are finished, but because they put you in danger, you must choose when to use them and when not. A finisher is often an excellent option in early-game battles when shield cells are limited.

As you progress into the end game using them properly becomes more important and your risk multiplies because you have more batteries and cells at your disposal. Practice using finishes where appropriate.

23. Tweak your field of view (FOV)

examples of different fields of view in apex legends

Consider changing your field of vision (FOV). By default, the restricted field of view will slow down your movement and increase the likelihood that you may miss valuable treasure or, worse, an oncoming adversary.

If 110 degrees feels excessively broad, try raising it to 90 degrees first. It is always possible to adjust it during play to find the sweet spot! Find this setting, and if you can, raise it to 100 or higher. I’m saying if feasible since doing so makes the PC’s job more difficult.

It’s not worth giving up FPS for Field of View if you’re a PC player and you stand to lose a lot of it, but if you can manage it, go for it. Awesome, ramp for console gamers.

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