20 Essential Rules and Hints for Newcomers to the Lost Ark

Everyone in the West is thinking about playing Lost Ark now that it has come. I am quite excited about this since I am a great lover of both MMOs and ARPGs and have done everything from block pricey PoE goods to level every class in WoW for raids. If you are reading this, you are either already persuaded or seriously considering it. 

Many factors are considered before somebody decides to try out a new game. Our goal at Good2Game is to serve as a resource for you while you make these choices, allowing you to tailor your gaming experience to suit your preferences. Many of us have reservations about a game beyond whether or not it will be enjoyable towards the finish. 

As with other sophisticated eternal games, there is a lot going on in Lost Ark. Intimidating new learning experiences are undesirable for everyone. How long till we reach the conclusion? Do I risk overlooking anything vital? Will this be a choice that haunts me forever? The good news is that we are here to address your problems. Continue reading! 

Let me begin by saying something as obvious as this: Don’t worry or stress out! Since most of your progress goes to your server account (Roster) and not your character, Lost Ark is a gorgeous game with something for everyone, and there is very little you can do to squander your time. Whatever it is that you decide to put your energy on, you will succeed. 

However, here is a brief list of things to do and avoid doing before level 50 and completing the main quest if you are the min-max type or simply want to be a bit more effective with your time and feel comfortable that you aren’t wasting resources.


Use flat HP pots for leveling

lost ark combat
(Image Credit: Smilegate)

You can find this everywhere, and it will be your primary means of healing. Whelps will literally drop dead if you mow them down.


Get the cards out and play them!

Cards are a global item on your account. Once you have a few, equip them whatever you choose; it is not necessary to worry about whether or not you are doing it correctly. Because the extra -2-5 percent elemental resistance isn’t all that impressive, it’s a no-brainer to do.


Prepare for the timing of your Stronghold.

Time management is a major theme in Lost Ark. Consider putting jobs that need a lengthy time to mature or cool down in the queue before you turn in for the night. 

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So too, if you want to have a lengthy gaming session, you may want to break it up into many shorter ones.

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To get money, open chests.

The majority of chests contain currency that may be used by everyone on your Roster. If you’re still on the fence about which class to be your primary, though, you should definitely pick up the Shards of Harmony. 

You shouldn’t worry if you accidentally open one, since they are really simple to farm.


Test the depths of the Dungeons on the hardest difficulty setting!

Raise the difficulty in Lost Ark if you’re a seasoned player of games like this and want to add some challenge as you level up. 

As a result, you stand to get greater rewards and maybe experience a higher level of enjoyment.


Try out several permutations of skills and expenditures of Tripod points.

lost ark combat skills
(Image Credit: Smilegate)

Don’t rush to min/max; instead, experiment with the many permutations of your hotbar’s powers and the Tripod’s skill upgrades. 

Learn more about what kind of player you are and how to maximize your potential with this guide (bonus points if you adjust between PvE and PVP builds).


It’s best to overuse Triports if you’re in a hurry.

Don’t be cheap with your silver since it’s so readily available. Save time by using Alt + clicking to quickly travel between Triports on your map.


Tweak the bonuses your pet provides.

When you acquire a pet, you have the option of switching between two different buffs. 

You may freely trade pets at any NPC marked as Pet Management on your map (represented by a dog symbol).


Put your feet up and relax.

The vistas are beautiful and there’s a lot to take in. Combat is funny. Focus on the journey. End game is pretty easy to plug into and no mistakes are final.

Don’t stress about leveling too fast. Taking your time can make the whole thing enjoyable. Explore and take it all in!


Don’t use any potions that health for a percentage while leveling.

In endgame content, this is your primary source of healing, and getting more can be costly or time-consuming. Everything else is irrelevant, and this is probably the worst choice you can make while leveling. That and, if you have one, your Founder plat skin (pick it carefully because you only get one!)

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Do not stress about selecting a main

The game gives you many options for character swaps and even encourages you to use other characters by giving you a boost for free as soon as you finish the first one. 

After that, you can receive another boost for a different character.


Choosing the incorrect spec shouldn’t be a concern.

You can change your specs at any time, anywhere, and the majority of options on setup are totally free.


Never worry about PVE or PVP.

lost ark character riding wolf
(Image Credit: Smilegate)

PVP can begin when a player reaches level 26, and everyone is given an equal number of skill points to use. Your developing character is unaffected by this. 

This also means that if you don’t like your character for PVP, you can quickly (in about two hours) create a new one.


Never mind the 600 different types of currency.

For those of you who are interested in learning more, we’ll break them down in a separate guide. For the rest of you, just pick them up as you progress through the main story. At first, there isn’t much to spend money on.


Do not stress over omitting side missions.

You can easily go back and complete the side quests if you don’t like them, and completing the main quest will easily raise your level to the maximum. 

To save time and make the flow feel more natural, keep in mind that they are incredibly simple to complete while questing and are typically on your way.


Avoid worrying about relations and collectibles.

Later on, these are even simpler to complete than they were initially. The rewards, while occasionally substantial, pale in comparison to other game elements. 

You are also free to ignore your friend Mokoko, who keeps worrying about the seeds and makes you worried you might miss something. Your success or failure won’t depend on their reward. However, finding them can be enjoyable, so if that’s your thing, go for it!

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Engraving and Ability Stones are unimportant.

Most likely, you will receive a tutorial on this and then disregard it. It does not become relevant until you begin equipping your character for the end game. To avoid having to decide what you want, I actually suggest keeping all engraving chests closed. 

Additionally, since they apply to your entire roster, even if they don’t work for your current class, they probably will for your alt.


Unlocking chests is not a concern

At the end of the game, when you’re ready to make a choice, you can simply open the stack of cards. Don’t worry too much about your choice if you’ve already opened them or plan to open them; the majority of items are simple to obtain. 

Try to avoid opening any chests containing Harmony crystals if you’re not sure which character to play.


Concerning trade skills like mining and fishing, etc., don’t worry.

They are account-wide and are referred to as life skills in the game. You are mistaken if you believe that in order to farm, you must travel to older zones. 

Your main will level up if you simply level an alt and choose some herbs. Also, don’t worry about buying them beforehand; the required tutorial quests will provide you with everything you need.


Avoid purchasing new equipment and Ability Stones before the T1 end game.

Your equipment will naturally advance as you complete quests and defeat enemies. Though it will eventually be replaced and the game is still simple enough without it, you can purchase equipment from vendors if you so desire. 

You don’t need to be afraid to take apart anything that isn’t an upgrade. All stones that fall are included in that. The ones you start with will be better until the very end of the game.

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