15 Pointers to Help Beginners Get the Hang of Bloons TD6 in 2022

Learn Everything You Need to Know to Dominate Bloons TD6 With This Complete Strategy Guide 

Do you want to increase your Bloons TD6 victory rate? Stuck in CHIMPS mode and wondering why you’re losing? Bloons TD6 is a surprisingly difficult game with hundreds (if not thousands) of different tactics to try. That’s why we’re here to help you kill those pesky bloons with the greatest methods, tips, tricks, and constructions. Remember that simply practicing and playing will teach you a lot, and there is no punishment for losing a run, so don’t be afraid to try new things!

If in doubt, begin with dart monkeys

Start with dart monkeys unless you’re following a very unique construction route. For beginners, this is typically the finest Bloons TD6 approach. Two dart monkeys can easily manage the first few rounds, generating some cash for better towers that you can later sell at a lower price than other units in the game. Position your dart monkeys in the map’s center so you have ample time to recover if you miss a few bloons. Don’t put too much money into improving early troops. It’s often seen to be more productive to put new troops rather than improve existing units—at least until the mid- or late-game, when your route is largely covered.

Put your hero in as early as possible

Every hero in Bloons TD6 automatically improves at the conclusion of each round. This implies that the sooner you can put them on the map, the sooner you can reap their advantages. Place your hero as early as level 5-7 if possible, unless you’re having difficulties clearing the initial bloons. Do not put your hero if you are dying. It is preferable to invest an early $215 on a required dart monkey that will save your life total than to absorb the damage by putting your hero early on.

Experiment with different build orders to discover a playstyle that suits you

Every tower has three levels of improvements, but you may only spend a total of five points. There are no objectively right builds—depending on your gameplan, any upgrade route is feasible. Play around with the build orders to discover improvements you like. Remember that in the early to mid-game, it’s often preferable to establish a bigger number of towers than it is to upgrade heavily. If you want to access particular skills, a few critical upgrades are great, but don’t go “all in” on a few troops. It’s worth noting that when strategy books speak about a 0-0-2 village or a 1-0-3 super monkey, they’re referring to the construction route. A 1-0-3 super monkey has one upgrade point in the first upgrade route, zero in the second, and three in the third.

In the early game, concentrate the front half of the map.

At level 0, there is an arrow indicating where the bloons will appear. Place your early game troops in the map’s foreground, where these bloons will develop. As you level up, work your way towards the rear half of the map. This will provide you the greatest breathing space possible in case any bloons get past your first defense, allowing you to erect a last-minute tower and secure your complete life. Your life total is critical, particularly early on. It’s better to bite the bullet and throw a dart monkey at the last minute than to let bloons pass.

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Place the towers where they will cover the greatest ground.

When you click a tower to buy it, a grey circle will appear around the unit. This is the unit’s range. Place your troops where they will cover the maximum proportion of the track, allowing them to remain in the battle longer and kill the most bloons. Position units that shoot in a straight line, such as the dartling monkey, so that they have the best view of the track. Ignore the track and pay attention to where your towers are situated for magical troops that boost your other towers. Keep the support structures that have no active impact on the bloons as far away from the railway as feasible.

Expect camo, lead, and special balloons.

The speciality balloons arrive at the same levels every time. While most of the colored balloons aren’t a huge concern, the camo balloons can only be seen by certain units, so you’ll need something that can see them when they first arrive in round 24. You’ll also need a strategy for dealing with lead bloons, which are impervious to anything except fire and explosive harm. These appear in round 28. Because many players recall the sequence of the bloons, start paying attention to which rounds are particularly difficult for you! At round 40, the MOAB (mother of all bloons) appears. This one requires a lot of penetrating damage to get through. When it comes to camo bloons, your best bet is to improve a few troops in order to get camo detection. This is something that a 0-0-2 dart monkey, a 5-0-0 boomerang monkey, and a 5-0-0 tack shooter can all perform. Upgrading an early boomerang monkey to a glaive monkey gives you some early piercing power for levels with stronger bloons.

Build around the hero you choose at the start of the game.

You only receive one hero unit every game, so don’t just randomly click a hero and set them all. Read up on your hero’s talents and keep them in mind as you plan out your run. If your hero boosts adjacent troops, position them in the center of the map and construct around them. If they create passive revenue, locate them away from congested areas to minimize overcrowding and free up real estate. Keep playing if you haven’t unlocked all of the heroes yet. On your way to level 28, you get access to a new hero. Many of the heroes may only be obtained via the use of in-game cash. If you can’t afford it, don’t feel obligated to spend money on the game. Obyn Greenfoot is generally regarded as one of the greatest “starting” characters. Obyn is unlocked at level 28. If you do want to spend money on any characters, Etienne, Psi, and Benjamin are among the most strong in the game.

Remember to bring your micro, particularly when dealing with military monkeys.

Micromanagement is referred to as micro. The majority of your monkeys are automated, and you may progress in the game without personally controlling your soldiers. However, when it comes to targeting particular places where a large number of bloons have accumulated, a few modest tweaks are worthwhile. This is especially true for military monkeys such as the mortar monkey. Depending on the wave, you may want to concentrate all of your mortar monkeys on one area of the map to destroy a MOAB or a big number of bloons. If the bloon wave is travelling at various rates, you may be able to get more bang for your money by spreading out your firing and targeting different regions of the map.

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Experiment on your own to discover what works and what doesn’t.

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Towers are classified into four types: primary (blue), soldiers (green), magics (purple), and supports (brown). While you should normally begin with fundamental towers, the world is your oyster after that! Experiment with various unit combinations to identify synergies that work well together. There are dozens of various constructions to choose from, and exploring on your own will help you enhance your talents. Primates (dart monkeys, tack shooters, and so on) are your bread and butter. These towers are only good for one thing: murdering bloons. Militaries (mortar monkeys, dartling gunners, etc.) – These towers also kill bloons, but they serve a specialized purpose by destroying certain kinds of balloons (like mortar monkeys, which pop larger balloons quickly). Magic towers (wizard monkey, alchemist, etc.) boost and buff (enhance) your other towers to make them stronger or more durable, yet some of them may pop unusual bloons. Bloons are not popped by certain towers (banana farm, monkey settlement, etc.). They may strengthen your squad, earn you money, or slow down bloons.

Try out the basic Adora approach.

This might be the greatest “simple” CHIMPS method. Begin at the top of the map with three dart monkeys close together. Place Adora around round 9 or 10, followed by a ninja. Place an alchemist beside Adora and the ninja. This will bring you to the 50th round. This is really all you need. You may enhance your alchemist, add support troops, or put a few military units from here. At some point (likely around round 50), you’ll need a town to sustain your hero and the two neighboring troops. A 2-2-0 village will be really beneficial! Adapt your tactics to the map in the late game. If you have access to water, an aircraft carrier may help you get through the late game. If there is no water, helicopters and canons are excellent options.

With the half cash farm method, you can outrun the jerks at the bank.

Farms give money, and if you can have enough farms up and running, you won’t need to rely on bloon popping to earn a living. Place some early dart monkeys, boomerang monkeys, druids, or ninja monkeys with Benjamin. When you can afford it, put Benjamin next to a farm. You have a few alternatives from here. Upgrade your banana fields and deploy primary units as needed to maintain your overall life. To go half cash, choose the IMF loan bank option. Put all of the money into updated farms to compensate for the loss of future alternatives. Use improved alchemists to enhance a small army before gradually expanding the number of farms.

With a proper plan, you can cut through wave after wave.

Choose Obyn Greenfoot as your hero since he grants all Druids +1 pierce. Begin assembling your druid army once you’ve put three dart monkeys. Place Obyn in the center of the map, surrounded by 0-0-0 druids. Begin improving your druids once you have enough to take on bigger waves. From here, you may choose whatever upgrade route you like! Continue spamming your druids. The more druids there are around Obyn, the better! When it comes to long-term damage for your druids, a single well-placed village may go a long way. If you like, you may substitute Gwendolin for Obyn. Her fire damage works well with the druids to compensate for their deficiencies with lead balloons.

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Rush a 2-0-1 ninja to gain time at the fire range.

Make Etienne your hero. Place a single ninja monkey on the righthand bench’s top square. Upgrade from 1-0-0 to 1-0-1. Upgrade to sharp shurikens once you can buy it to make it a 2-0-1 ninja. Save enough money to buy Etienne and set him in the plaza to the left of the tower. This should provide you with enough time and money to buy your next set of towers. You may expand your military bases, primary, and ninja monkeys from here. Many gamers will keep a single alchemist close to their ninja monkey to boost it indefinitely. In the mid- and late-game, a monkey ace in the center of the battlefield may do a lot of damage.

Apocalypse mode—select Obyn and then assemble a small buff army.

Start with Obyn Greenfoot as your hero, then place him at the entryway where the bloons appear. Save enough money to buy a monkey ninja and set it next to Obyn so he can boost the monkey. Upgrade to a 3-0-2 monkey ninja and then to a 3-0-0 alchemist. You will now be able to pop every bloon in the game! Continue to create troops in this little region so that your bonuses overlap. You may proceed in whatever direction you like, but this initial setup is critical since it enables you to take on any random bloon that arises. Apocalypse mode contains unpredictable waves, and the RNG isn’t always on your side. It is OK to end a losing streak and begin over. This is one of the game’s most difficult modes for a reason!

Bloonarius, farm like crazy with Benjamin.

You need a ton of income to scale out against the Bloonarius, which appears at round 40. Start with a standard dart monkey/ninja monkey configuration, and then build out your banana farm. Place Benjamin next to the farm and continue building the farm out. The income strategy will give you enough money to build out a defensive army.

The Bloonarius spawns other bloons, so you need a combination of speed, piercing damage, and military damage.

As far as the number of farms goes, eight upgraded farms should provide enough income.

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