10 Naraka: Bladepoint Beginner Tips You Should Know

In the past ten years, the battle royale genre has attracted a fair share of followers. As time went on, new features were added to various games to give them a distinctive flair and make them stand out from the competition. The gameplay elements that are added to freshen the game tend to be superficial, even though they still adhere to the fundamental principles of battle royale. With Naraka: Bladepoint, 24 Entertainment hopes to change this.
Although the battle royale elements are still present, the game also features a satisfying melee combat system that uses spears and swords as weapons. There is quite a bit to expect, especially given that Naraka: Bladepoint draws its entire aesthetic from Japanese culture. Having said that, players report finding the game challenging to understand. The combat system is challenging and requires a lot of practice. Even so, here are some pointers for newcomers who want to hone their weapons and wreck havoc.

1. Continue With The Tutorial

A player looking at a prickly pear tree in Naraka Bladepoint

Tutorials may be monotonous. Some gamers prefer to pick up the intricacies of a game while completing missions or competing with other players. But at first, Naraka: Bladepoint can be challenging for players. Players should exercise some patience and work their way through the tutorials to grasp the basics of the game.
Before diving into the main game, it’s a good idea to experiment with various weapons and learn about parkour-style movements. It also instructs users on how to use specific items. While it doesn’t teach the player everything, it does teach them enough to get them off to a good start.

2. Uses for Dark Tide Coins

A player resurrecting a fellow player

The player will receive various loot items, including Dark Tide Coins, when they defeat enemies in the game. The amount of these coins that the player receives depends on how many games they play and win. As the Dark Tide Coin counter resets after each match, the player must use these coins right away while playing the game.
Rift Coins are accepted as payment by Rift Dealers, and players can use the coins to make purchases. The items are ones that give the character a boost, like armor, vitalia, and souljades. Spend them by their needs and playstyle.

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3. Organizing Things

Inspecting the item "Spirit Spikes" in the weapon  menu

In Naraka: Bladepoint, managing your items can be a little challenging. To separate unwanted items from desired items, players will need to take their time. Enemies sometimes drop rare loot, some of which are specific items. But, it can be challenging to find comparable items to replace one function with another.
Players can use the keyboard’s tab key if they are having trouble replacing items. When they do this, their inventory will appear, showing the things they already own on the right and the things they want to pick up off the floor on the left. By clicking and dragging the item from the inventory to the center of the screen, they can remove the item. The remaining items can then be picked up off the ground.

4. The Art of Parrying

Inspecting the character Matari in the character selection menu

Parrying plays a significant role in Naraka: Bladepoint, much like it did in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The player should start the Parry stance if they see that their opponent is about to charge them and the enemy has a blue aura. Although it might take some time for players to get used to the attack animations, mastering the counterattack is essential to succeeding against other players.
There is a drawback to this as well. Players can’t always rely on parrying because that would make their moves very predictable to the opposition. The player will need to develop their own playstyle and deal with each opponent in a different way.

5. Weapons And Combos

Inspecting different outfits on the character Asp inside of the outfit selection menu

In games with this much emphasis on melee combat, the player can spam many buttons and hope for the best. Naraka: Bladepoint will not respond to this strategy. If players are able to master the fundamental combos for each weapon they have equipped, they will be in a much better position.
The fundamentals of attacks and combos for various weapons will also improve a player’s adaptability and allow them to deal with a variety of opponents. To reduce the amount of damage they take, they should also be aware of which ultimate attacks can be defended against by other ultimate attacks.

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6. What About Armor?

A cover art of two character in the middle of a sword battle

Players use common-tier weapons to destroy opponents wielding legendary-tier weapons, because the game depends on timing and skill. The best course of action for beginners would be to invest as much money as possible in armor stacking.
If the player is still getting used to the combat system, better armor sets will offer more endurance and durability in battle. Putting all your money into weapons without learning how to fight will only result in more losses. Players can learn the game’s mechanics while playing if they invest in armor, which will keep them alive for longer.

7. Discovering The Right Character

A cover art of two character in the middle of a sword battle inside of a temple

Players can try out and experiment with a variety of characters in Naraka: Bladepoint. Each character possesses a special flair and a set of skills. Their performance in games is based on these. Players should experiment with a variety of characters at first to see what suits them.
They can use this character as their main hero and take part in as many games as they want once they’ve found a suitable character. This will, speaking, increase the win ratio. While some characters are more focused on healing their party members, others are more concerned with dealing damage. Be wise in your choice of hero.

8. The special chest called “Morus’ Blessing”

Inspecting a weapon skin for the Bow of Yushana

In Naraka: Bladepoint, special chests can be found all over the map. These chests, known as Morus’ Blessing, can be found by players who want to give themselves free but difficult-to-find items. These Morus’ Blessing items have unique qualities and are categorized as high tier.
Players should so spend some time tracking them. Through Morus’ Blessing chests, you can find some of the game’s best weapons. Players only have to contend with other enemies who also wish to seize the treasures.

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9. How to advance the game’s progression

Purchasing an item from the Rift Dealer

Players in Naraka: Bladepoint need to pay close attention to a few progress bars. The Cultivation and Talents bars are located here. You can access the Cultivation bar from the Heroes menu. Additionally, players have the option to change a character’s special ability once they unlock the first tier for one of their characters.
Many slots become available as the talent bar increases to equipping glyphs. These glyphs provide various benefits, such as extending the grappling hook’s range. Players can buy new or upgraded glyphs using the currency Tae.

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10. Which Consumables are Good?

Slashing across an enemy with a sword

By looking for nearby bushes with fruits or berries growing on them, one can heal their wounds from a previous battle. When the player’s health is low, they can use these consumables or save them for later. Bugs and flowers can both be captured and used for a variety of purposes.
Prickly pears and other items have periodic health recoveries. The player’s armor would restock after consuming Salak. Thanks to Dandelion, players will be able to approach an unwary opponent while remaining completely silent. Consuming fireflies will cause the player’s rage to rise, allowing them to use their ultimate ability more effectively.

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